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Service Social Media From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and blogs, social media has given every business – large and small – a chance to market themselves on the busiest free and open market. The question is can you market yourself to the point of success? Do you know what it takes to gain followers who really follow you and are loyal to your brand? It’s more than just about hashtagging. It’s about timing and strategy. It’s about pinpointing your target audience and making the most out of your efforts.

But social media doesn’t have to stand alone. Advertising and social media go hand-in-hand and can work off of each other by spreading whatever news or message you wish. We will push your advertisements to not only receive placements in media outlets, but to have them constructed and developed in a way that is engaging and effective.

At, our team of social media and advertising experts is skilled in putting your brand on the national and global scale. Your Dallas-based business won’t be confined to just the city. We will put your business where everyone can see it and experience it. Attaining loyal customers has never been so easy and with a skilled marketer at your side, it’s only become easier.

Now is the time to engage your client base even further, while also garnering more customers by letting us work with you through social media and advertising. Contact us over the phone or online to receive a quote about having us take care of your social media and advertising needs.

Social Media Account Management – $300

  • Weekly Posts
  • Monthly Reports
  • Includes one post and one update per social media account per week

Social Media Account Management – $750

  • Daily Posts
  • Monthly Reports
  • Includes daily updates for each social media account