Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner? Are you looking for the best of the best business blogs for small business?

Running your business has to be well planned and thought out. You cannot just open a business, and expect everything to run smoothly on your first try. These things take careful planning, research, online marketing, and budgeting to ensure that you obtain success.

Whether your business is big or small an effective marketing strategy is still one of the most critical parts of growing a business that you should focus on. What can you learn to become better on your planning stage? How can you continuously grow your business?

For entrepreneurs like yourself, you need direction. Someone who can show you the ropes, or at least teach you what to do and how to do it. Luckily, there are tons of blogs out there that are packed with advice. Advice from business leaders who are happy to share their knowledge with small business owners.

Don’t worry; we got you covered. In this article, we will be listing the best blogs for small business owners.


Leadership and business entrepreneur blogs

First things first, before you start opening a business, you need to know how to become a good leader. Why? Because leadership is needed for a better flow of business operations and success. Here are some blogs about leadership/entrepreneur business that you should take a look at:


  • Harvard Business Review – This blog is the perfect place to look for business advice. It also has crisis management information, leadership tips, and other business-related topics. Expert authors share all of the content that is written here. You can read as much as you want from this blog. In the end, you can implement everything you learn to your own business.


  • Quick sprout – Quick sprout is a blog that is written by a serial entrepreneur named Neil Patel. He covers a broad range of leadership tips. SEO (search engine optimization), Social media guides, and other topics related to business. Everything that he mentions in his blog should be kept in mind. Because his business ethics and practices are valuable, especially if you are a beginner. As a small business owner, it would be wise to listen to what he has to say and apply it to your business after.


  • Killer Start Ups – As indicated in the name, you can find some excellent information here as well. All the information that you need to know to run a successful business. Like using the best tools, how to manage and build a team, reviews, etc. It would be recommended that you bookmark this site, as it will come in handy to you in the long run.


  • Mixergy – A lot of entrepreneurs learn. And they become successful because of the information that is posted on this blog. If you are looking for something that is detail oriented. And Filled with step-by-step instructions, then this will be the perfect choice for you. Successful business owners discuss most of the topics that are posted here.

Quality Blogs about SEO

search engine optimization for local

Sample of the top SEO blogs


If you have an online business, then making use of SEO or online marketing will come in handy. Here are a few great SEO based blogs that you can learn from:

  • Mike Blumenthal Blog – If you are looking to gain some great insight. This blog shows you how to improve your website with SEO optimization. If you are going to use this strategy, this will be one good site to visit. Understandably, SEO can be challenging for first-timers. It would be best if you learn the ins and outs of this strategy first before you start applying it to your website.Mike’s blog is among the best when it comes to SEO. And to follow his advice would mean success for yours in the long run.


  • Search Engine Land – This website is a tremendous resource for SEO marketers of all levels especially beginners. First timers will want to pay extra close attention to all the information that is posted here. Because there are some excellent tips about how to use Social media platforms effectively. And all other kinds of real-time business scenarios that you can encounter in real life.If you are interested in knowing more about social media and other topics about building a small business. You will also be able to find other information in other SEL categories listed on their website.


  • David Mihm – David is another expert that you will want to gain information from. He is known for his events website called This service brings experts to different towns. The goals are to help aspiring business owners learn more about the basics of SEO. Social media marketing, and other tips to help increase their website exposure.


Content Marketing For Business Owner Blogs


Another piece of information that you will want to learn is how to come up with quality, authoritative content for your site. Content is a crucial aspect of any website design. Here are some content marketing blogs that you may want to take a look at:

  • Blue Glass Blog – This blog has a wide variety of business topics. But most of the items that you should be looking out for as a beginner is their content marketing topics. These issues are essential for small businesses. On this site, you will find personal experience stories, tools, and tips about content marketing that you will find very useful.


  • Copy blogger – if your goal is to get traffic, increase viewers, and grow your revenue you through your website. Content copy blogger will be your best bet. This site offers some of the best advice on how you can become better with your content. All the topics that are covered here are worth reading especially for first timers.


  • Andy Sernovitz – Andy’s blog topics focuses more on how to market your website through word of mouth marketing effectively. He also explains how to use your content to talk with your consumers. He also uses his examples from big and small brands, as well as describes some helpful case studies that he has personally conducted.


  • Convince and convert – The owner of this blog is named Jay Baer. His blog is an excellent source of information for marketers who are looking to use social media content as a way of connecting better with their consumers. One of the many things you will love with Jay’s blog is the fact that it is just filled with precious information and data that some marketers can use to make informed decisions. It is more about hard evidence of success rather than theory, which makes it a great source to learn from.

Retail Business blogs

best business blogs

If you own a retail store, here are some great blogs that you can learn from:


  • Retail adventures blog – This blog features information from retail experts Georganne Bender, and Rich Kizer. It gives readers a unique perspective on merchandise, marketing techniques, customer service and everything that is in between, that is relevant to running a retail store successfully.


  • Retail insider – this website was founded by a business writer named Glynn Davis. Glynn specializes in the food and drinks industry as well as retail. Some of her writing has been featured in Financial Times. Her blog is meant to give readers details and background information on UK’s small business retailers. It also provides interviews, Q&A posts with well-known CEOs.

Design and development blogs


Here are some blogs about design and development you should take a look at:

  • CreativeBloq – this blog mixes pleasure with business by giving its readers an insight into marketing and design news, while also giving visual content, that will make freelance graphic designers, web designers, and the same inspiration.


  • Torque Magazine – This online magazine is ideal for those who want to learn everything about word press. If you use word press for your business, you will get loads of tips on how to use it properly, and what you can do to make your posts productive. Definitely one site that you should bookmark.


  • Hacking UI – Don’t be deceived by the name. Certainly, this blog is not about hacking into anything. The people behind this exciting and fun website describe it as an open community for passionate designers, creative entrepreneurs, and developers. You can get all kinds of tips, updates, and other industry related knowledge that can help you build your small business. If you are interested in WordPress design, they cover that too.


  • The Layout – this blog covers the ins and outs of word press, social media platforms, and creativity in general. If you want to know more about how you can design your website effectively, this site is another great place to seek for tips. The site is perfect for freelancers as well.

Small Business Blogs about writing

small business blog sites

If you own an online business, it is essential that you come up with compelling content that you can use to entice consumers to use your services or buy your product. Here are a few blogs about writing that you should take a look at:

  • Copy hackers – This blog is an excellent place to go to if you want to learn all about landing clients, developing lead generations, and creating content with quality. If you are a freelancer, this is also a great place to land some writing gigs.


  • Copy Blogger – all the tips that are available on this site are available for freelancers and business owners. Brian Clark founded the blog, and he has been helping bloggers create unique content since 2006.


  • ProBlogger – In the world of blogging, this website is considered one of the experts in making money. Darren Rowse built this site, to help aspiring business owners and freelancers. It has been quite popular and at the same time filled with lots of useful tips you can use to help improve your business.

Try out these blogs to help your small business reach success

best business blogs to grow your business

professional blog examples


In the world of business, there is nothing like learning from experts. Read up on these blogs e, so you can gain a proper perspective on how to grow your business online.

There are a lot of obstacles that you can face as a business owner, and you should be ready to meet any of them. These business blogs are a great start to educating yourself and staying up to date on industry trends.

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