Retail search marketing has been historically synonymous with Google Adwords. However, today’s number one method of advertising is Google shopping ads.

Google shopping has gone a long way to replace text ads as the preferred method by most retailers.

Google Campaign hacks

The year 2016 was the tipping point where retailers on google shopping strategy spent 53% of AdWords budgets. This translates to more than half of all the resources spent on AdWords.

Google shopping success means that quantitative performance is analyzed for all your products. This is not the case for text ad campaigns which relied on endless A/B testing and verbal wizardly to optimize. A smaller retail catalog has millions of shopping KPIs that you can consider although it’s made from a few thousand items.

Google shopping tips

This might not be an easy job for established e-commerce professionals. However, AdWords come equipped with some handy tools that are engineered to assist marketers to get through all the hullabaloo. To improve their Google shopping campaign, they hastily take up actions that are data-informed.

  1. Dimension Tab for Google Shopping campaign

When optimizing your shopping Ads, the Dimensions Tab is always where you start. You can quickly locate the dimensions tab on the top right-hand corner of the AdWords/Google ads console. It features some views that are shopping focused for campaign performance.

Google shopping tips

The following are how you can get the information located in the Dimensions Tab to supercharge your campaigns.

  • Throw in Geo-targeting filters: you can see how your campaign is doing by the city, area, metro, region, country or even the exact location available just by selecting the Geographic view. You can go on with the application of geotargeting bid modifiers once you have made the decision on which are the worst or best regions for your shopping campaign. This will go a long way in increasing the bid for visitors from the regions that perform the best.

  • Implementation of day-parting adjustments: you can be able to see your shopping campaign by day of the week or even hour of the day to see where the conversion rates of your campaign are highest or lowest. You can proceed with the application of bid modifiers to your campaigns with this information to bid more for traffic during the days with high converting times or days. You can even decrease the bids on the times/days when the conversion rates are quite low.

  1. Item ID Report

Another of the great google campaign hacks is the use of Item Id Report. When you dive deeper into the Dimensions tab, you will get the option of Item ID. For every single item that you sell, this takes you way beyond surfaces performance KPIs and aggregate campaign performance.

Just below the Shopping drop-down menu, you will get the Item ID report in the Dimensions tab. After you have selected this option, your campaign will be broken down item by item. After this, KPIs for each product is then displayed.

Google shopping campaign

You are bound to see a lot of data if your catalog has hundreds or even thousands of items. You can make sense out of it swiftly in the following ways;

  • Consider Product breakouts: in the shopping, you might take note of products that are performing particularly well. You should take into consideration breaking each of the products out into another product group with a higher bid. This will enable you to drive even more profit from the products which have already established themselves as strong sellers in Google shopping ads.

  • Sort by Clicks: to highlight the products of the highest importance in the Google shopping campaign, you should rank your products regarding some clicks. However, these items may be different from your in-stores top sellers or other digital avenues.

You will be ready to answer some very important questions the moment you have found the insights around your top items, times and times. Such questions include what devices are in use by your customers and which search queries are generating the best traffic to supercharge your campaigns.

  1. Have product ratings that stand out

It is imperative that you take advantage of Google shopping hacks that will assist your ads to be unique and also stand out especially in today’s product search markets.

shopping tips

Enable product ratings as well as descriptive titles including striking product images to grab the attention of searchers. The following are the reasons you should push for product ratings as one of your Google shopping hacks:

  • They assist your ads to stand out without seller ratings against the products of your competitors
  • Boost buyers decision making by a positive reinforcement
  • Helps in driving quality score which translates to lower CPC and higher visibility

When you have a minimum of three reviews per product, and a total of 50 across all the offering of your product the stars of your product rating will be triggered. This should not be confused with seller ratings that are usually alongside text ads. Apply to be a Google Trusted Store, and use a tool like TrustPilot or Yotpo to push reviews for your products.

google shopping ads

You should submit Google’s interest form to get started with rating your products. The technical team from Google will get in touch with you once the information has been reviewed.

This is one of the amazing Google shopping hacks as the process of securing the ratings of your product will be made much easier.

  1. Capture Familiar Audiences with Remarketing Lists in Google shopping Search ads

You can adopt remarketing lists otherwise known as RLSAs for your shopping campaigns as well, the same way you do for search ads. This technique will enable you to customize bids to visitor audiences that were previously there. This may include visitors who are making a comeback, previous buyers as well as shopping cart abandoners.

Google campaign hacks

Remarketing lists for shopping ads can be very beneficial for your shopping campaigns. This is because they are flexible enough to bid more aggressively on particular audiences that are familiar with your product and brand. The results include higher conversion rates and clicks as well as being instrumental in bringing down your CPA with a CPC that is lower.

  1. Google Shopping Campaign Devices Reports

The first thing that potential clients see on the mobile SERP is the scrollable, interactive carousel of  shopping ads. This is one of the major reasons as to why the total revenues of shoppers from the mobile Google shopping ads have had an upward trend year after year. The Devices Report of Adwords enables most retailers to embrace and make the most out of this trend by showing performance for the different types of devices.

shopping campaigns

Customers should be jumping into your shopping cart.

Under the settings tab is where you will find the Devices report. Although the information shown on the device report might be elementary, the following is the best ways to use it:

  • Assess your performance of your devices: first, go through your device report to determine how the various device types stack up in your shopping campaign. Google ads help in breaking it down by desktops, mobile devices, and tablets that have full browsers installed.

  • Segment or Adjust: one of the probable results is that your device report does not show that one or quite some device types are not driving conversions efficiently. Always consider making a negative bid adjustment which brings the ROAS for the offending device in harmony with the overall goals to supercharge your Google shopping campaign. You can break out a mobile traffic into its campaign if you wish to take things to the next level. This will allow you to set bids that are device optimized for the products that are better performing on mobile devices.

In Closing, use these Google shopping tips to Boost Your Profits

Take some time reviewing and going through the campaign views that we have highlighted. This will go a long way in helping you make an informed decision when choosing the Google shopping tips to supercharge your campaign. From the topics we have highlighted above, it is clear that even with a simple to modest Google shopping ads you can generate a lot of data especially from Google ads.

In the new Google Ads landscape, all the Shopping campaign Strategy provide a perfect entry to being proactive rather than being reactive.
















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