Our Design Process

DWD’s Process is a flexible structure that evolves, responds and adapts to your company’s needs.

DWD's - Design Process & Strategy

Designing and creating apps and websites require a team of designers and the client adhering to steps that will ensure completion of a project in a timely and efficient manner. Dallas Website Design is well-versed in the process and understands the strategy needed to reach the finish line.

There is a multitude of steps used in the website drafting and development process. From the gathering of initial information to creating your website, then the required website maintenance that keeps your site engaging and current.

DWD’s process is a flexible structure that evolves, responds and adapts to your company’s needs. It is a successfully proven strategy perfected through years of professional website design and online marketing for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Strategic planning

Every great designer knows that the planning stage of a project is more important than the actual development stage. A great planning strategy creates a yellow brick road for the following:

  • Designers
  • Managers
  • Developers
  • Content editors
  • Clients

Our team creates a plan; then we alter it along the way while keeping the core to the project intact. Strategic planning is the first and most important step to creating your website. You will have one-on-one meetings with a strategist from our firm that we feel best suits you and your ideas.

Once your team puts in place a core plan, we will set in motion the big-picture marketing and business goals to create a winning website designed around your business. We establish priorities, structure content, and gain a clear understanding of what customers view as they navigate around your site.

Once we have achieved a strategic plan, you and our team will have set in motion the blueprint for the content of your website; it’s design and functionality.



Now that the design of your site is approved, we move to the next step which is the most exciting step of the process. We create a visual guide and design comp for you and our senior designer to review to establish the right tone and appearance for your new website.

This process is crucial as it involves close communication between you and our innovative team to gain reviews and approvals. We start with your homepage to establish a style, branding standards, and an image; then we merge to the interior layouts. Once you are satisfied, we began to build your stellar website. DWD takes pride in the talent and devotion our designers bring to the table.



Now that the design process is in progress, you along with our content manager, will evaluate content, shape the message and tone presented, ensure search engine and keyword optimization, and establish a call to action. Depending on the analysis of your content, our team will either generate new content for your site or we with incorporate existing content.

Typically a project has ample amounts of images and content as well as events and news that need to be obtainable to the user. During the developmental stage, we gather all relevant information and place it in its proper location. It is not unusual for various team members to work together to load large quantities of content on the site.



Here we get to the hard part, the waiting to see your new website up and running. With the plan of action in place, our team will take the design comps and blueprint we constructed and begin the creation of your new website with the details and tools you strategically chose.

Our team comes together and works as one to add content, final design fundamentals, gather for reviews and test your site for quality. Once the finalization is approved, our support team takes over to schedule training season to answer all question on how to use your new website.

Website Design

Ready for Take-Off

Finally, we get to the best part. Once testing and reviews are satisfactory, DWD will present to you your brand new website. Once we get your final stamp of approval, our team steps up to launch, promote, and optimize for major search engines like Google and Bing.


Generate Leads

Once our team creates a new website,  that is just the beginning. The next step is establishing your place on the worldwide web so you can easily be found and engage with your audience, as we build traffic flow to your site.

DWD is always open and available to discuss the advantages of what a Digital Marketing Engagement can provide for your business. Contact us today and let us put you in the driver’s seat with your professional, effective website.


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