Technology has made things so much easier nowadays. In fact, we have powerful browsers that incorporate web design chrome extensions, add-ons, and plugins.

These tools are often developed by colleagues to help fellow designers become more productive.  To be honest, it seems like the Internet can’t-do without plugins. So, what are the best web design chrome extensions or browser extension?

In our eagerness to share with you some of the best tools and resources, in this article, we will be listing down ten chrome extensions that you can use to make your web designing life so much easier.

1 Pendule

pendule extension for web designers

Pendule is a great chrome extension for web design. It is an excellent toolkit that has a lot of functions for web designers and developers. It works by simplifying your java scripts, CSS, HTML, etc.

You also have the option to crop images quickly, use the virtual ruler and many other actions through this extension. Many designers use this because it is also one of the easiest to maneuver, which makes it one of the must-have google chrome extensions.

2 Window resizer

window resizer extension

This extension is straightforward. Its primary purpose is to resize your browser windows so that you can test your layouts. With the window resizer, you can easily adjust the resolution according to your interests.

One of the reasons why this extension is considered a favorite is because there are no restrictions for the resolution settings. Plus there are also three screen types available, which include mobile, desktop and Laptop/notebook options.

3 Web developer toolbar

web developer extension

For obvious reasons, this extension will be one of your best friends when it comes to designing a website. The web developer toolbar was previously in the Firefox toolkit, but now it is also available for chrome.

It will make your HTML and CSS work so much easier. Want to improve your skills, learn more about web design.

4 Stylebot

stylebot chrome extension

If you are new to CSS, then this will be a valuable extension for you to use. Stylebot is a web developer CSS extension or browser extension that can help you customize the appearance of your website.

It also allows you to change the style and choose an element through using the editor. Another cool feature allows you to write your own rules directly. So if you are new to CSS, this will make things so much easier for you.

5 ColorZilla

colorzilla extension

One of the best  extensions for web developers


This extension for developers makes it a breeze to allow you to view the exact color of your website. Starting from any point on your browser, you can directly pick the RGB or HEX value by pasting it into another program.

6 Evernote Web Clipper

evernote extension for web design

Available for download in the chrome store


With the Evernote Web clipper, you now have the freedom to save and research anything you see online. This includes links, texts, and images. With this chrome extension, you can collect and organize snippets online.

7 Rescue time for Google chrome

Rescue time extension for chrome

If you want something that can time your work progress, then this is the best option for you. Rescue time is a personal analytical service, which helps users determine the time spent on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is our go-to project management tool.

There is no need for manual data here because the web application already works hand in hand with the installable client. The extension is available for Windows, Linux, Android, ChromeOS and OSX users.

8 Whatfont

whatfont tool for web design

Ever come across a web page and you just happen to be interested in the font, but you don’t know what it’s called? Extensions like Webkit inspector and Firebug are easy to use for developers.

With Whatfont, you now have the power to inspect web fonts just by simply hovering over them. It is that simple. It will also detect the services that are used for serving the web fonts.

9 Alexa Traffic Rank

alexa rank checker tool

This extension is great if you want to keep track of your site’s traffic. The Alexa extension is a traffic-ranking tool, which includes you in its traffic panel. It works by accompanying you as you surf the net, and provides data about the sites that you visit.

It doesn’t interrupt the browsing experience allowing you to stay focused on your research.

10 Speed tracer

speed tracker tool

If you want a tool that can help you track performance problems of your website, then the speed tracer is your best option. Speed tracer works by helping you identifying web application and performance problems.

It also provides a detailed visualization of your metrics that are taken from instrumentation points from inside the browser. Speed tracer provides a  better view of how much time is spent loading each application.

Some of the problems that you may encounter can involve Javascript execution and parsing, CSS style recalculation, Layout, and selector matching.

11 Firebug lite

Firebug lite plugin

Firebug lite serves as a substitute for chrome developer tools. This extension is used in conjunction with other tools that are similar. Firebug lite can provide you with rich visual representation when it comes to HTML, box model shading, and DOM elements.

Firebug lite also has other useful features like being able to inspect HTML elements, and editing CSS properties live.

12 Resolution Test

Resolution test plugin

If you want an extension that will help you test your web pages, then this will be another great option.

The resolution tester works by changing the size of your browser window. For developers that are very particular about the size of their screens, this extension has a list of commonly used resolution options.

It will also give you the freedom to customize the list of resolutions on your browser.

13 Yslow

YSlow tool

Slow websites can be a huge problem and can cause you to lose traffic quickly. But don’t worry, the Yslow extension is the perfect extension to address this issue.

It works by speeding up your website and analyzes which areas of your page should be improved. It also generates a detailed summary of your loading time.

Try out these chrome extensions for website design

These chrome extensions for graphic designers will assist you in creating a site that best suits your brand or pleases your client.

Try them out for yourself to see which one works for you the best.


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