The font you use for your content—no matter what medium—can say a lot about you.

In fact, researchers have found that font can directly affect how people perceive content. Use the wrong font on your website or marketing materials and people may see you in a negative light.

Pick the right font, and you have made a significant impression right from the beginning.

The problem is that there are so many fonts out there. Should you use a serif font type or a sans-serif font? What about the font sizes and the font weight?

The body text legibility for web fonts and the overall font style that is easier to read? A lot of people know that the font they choose matters a lot, but they don’t know which fonts to choose and which fonts to avoid.

Let’s narrow things down and make a few recommendations that could help you pick the perfect font for your next piece.


georgia display

The most readable font for web design.


Georgia is a very nice, sleek font that comes off very professionally.  It is one of the easiest fonts to read on screen. Since this font is smaller than other fonts, it is great for longer pieces where you want to present a lot of information in a professional manner. It is the easiest font to read small. If you are making brochures where there may be longer chunks of information, Georgia is an excellent font choice.

Blogs on professional websites could also benefit a lot from the Georgia font. It also shines a little less when used sparingly. For example, a banner with your business slogan would probably benefit more from a different font choice.


helvetica image

This font is used a lot by businesses for headlines or even in their logos. Helvetica is professional, fun, and, most importantly, attention-grabbing. Use this font for headlines on posters or web content when possible. Helvetica is especially useful for creating a modern image.

If you are a website or brand that wants to appear “cutting edge” or “forward thinking” then Helvetica is a good choice. If your website is going for a retro, classic, or traditional feeling, then you may want to look at a different font.


best font for email

A clean and comfortable to read font.


There is a reason that Calibri is the default font for Windows. It’s clean, comfortable to read, and it fits in a bunch of situations. This is a great font to use for content on your website or printed materials. If you are ever unsure about what font to use, you can’t go wrong with Calibri. The one downside to choosing Calibri is that it can seem lazy when you choose the font.

Some people may think you just went with the default font and didn’t put in any effort in choosing a font. However, many people wouldn’t recognize Calibri and immediately be able to name the font. For most people, Calibri is an easy to read font that’s recognizable and familiar. This font won’t set you apart from the masses, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Verdana, easiest font to read

best font for reading books

If you want a classic, clean look like Calibri but you want something a little more original then Verdana is the font you’re looking for. Much like Calibri, this font can fit into a lot of different types of WordPress websites and print. Verdana’s popularity compared to Calibri makes it a little more unique than the default font that people see all over their computer.

Its readability makes Verdana an excellent font for more extended form content. The one downside to using Verdana is that you may also be seen as playing it safe. Again, most people won’t make this association, but if you are working in a design industry or trying to appeal to modern consumers, then this may be more consideration to have in mind.


great simple web font

Futura is an excellent font choice when trying to pick a font for title text, logos, and headlines. It’s clean and bold which makes it stand out among other images and text. Some people think Futura lacks flair, which is probably true, but if you need a font to stand out and jump off the page or screen, then there aren’t many other choices that can compete with Futura.

If you want style and flair, then this likely isn’t the font for you. If you ‘re going to be bold and stand out, look no further than choosing Futura as your font of choice.

Franklin Gothic

franklin gothic font image

Franklin Gothic is a clean, modern font that will fit perfectly into a variety of situations. This versatile font is easy to read and appealing to the eye. In situations where you would consider using a more popular font like Calibri, you could choose Franklin Gothic instead to give your content a unique feel. Franklin Gothic won’t steal the show, but it certainly looks good and allows your content to do the talking. If you’re looking for a headline font or logo design font, however, this may not be your best choice.

Proxima Nova

proxima nova example of

Proxima Nova is an eye-catching font that has a bit of modern flair and a classic, geometric feel.  It works very well in long scrolling designs.

The edges are sharp on some of the letters, but there is still some style to speak of. This is a fantastic title text for your printed materials that will stand out and command attention.

Most importantly, this font is very readable.

People will be able to quickly read the font from a distance or if it is incorporated as part of an image.

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