It is pretty obvious that digital web designers spend most of their time in front of a computer monitor.

A mouse is one of the most critical components that a web designer needs for his/her job on a daily basis.

It is, however, important to note that although there is no need for flashy features on the pointing device, it is paramount that it needs to be reliable and ergonomically engineered. Before we go into the details of the specific mouse, let’s take a look at the features that you need to take into consideration before purchasing the best mouse for website designers.

web designers need quality tools

Connectivity Options

An ideal method of connecting it to your computer is through a USB wireless connection. Most, except for some gaming mice are plug and play peripheral devices. This means that you do not need additional software or a setup to get the device running on your PC.

It will draw power from the computer through the USB which is more convenient, unlike the wireless models. Another benefit of USB wired mice is that they do not suffer from the interference and lag that is associated with wireless models.

among the best mice

Wireless is the most ideal for web designers


However, if you want to reduce the cable clutter on your desk and increase your accessibility and freedom, wireless will be the ideal mouse for web designers, especially for those who are starting to learn how to do web design. Wireless mice use radio frequency connection to a Universal Serial Bus receiver or Bluetooth. We use these in our design office in Dallas.

Sensors and Sensitivity

Today, the trackball has been proven obsolete by motion sensors which utilize light. These include the laser and the optical otherwise known as the LED sensor. Light-based sensors experience fewer issues as compared to its predecessor; the mechanical tracking ball. The fact that that optical feature has no moving parts means that there are fewer technical difficulties. They are also less affected by dirt and dust.

The variations of mice outside there in the market are in their thousands. With the luxurious pool to choose from, how do you decide the right and best? We have compiled a list of five of the best to help you with your website.

  1. Apple Magic Mouse For Website Designers

This Device from Apple prides an extremely light engineering and is capable of laser tracking. When Apple created this, They were somehow late in creating a lightweight design. This is the imaginatively-titled Magic mouse two replacement. It makes it easy to flip through web pages and enables the user to make even the slightest changes on any surface, ideal for image editing software tool such as, Pixelmator and Photoshop.

Apple magic mouse for web designer

It features a simple look to improve your user experience and a rechargeable battery which lasts for over a month with a single charge. With the click of a button, it lets you swipe between pages quickly and scroll through other documents. This device will automatically pair with your Mac computer that is Bluetooth enabled.

Magic mouse features

However, one demerit of this Apple device is that at times it is a bit too oversensitive. It sometimes becomes frustrating when you want to keep your click on a singular place for longer periods of time. This is because it has a multiple touch area on top which allows you to scroll in whichever direction you wish.

  1. Logitech MX Master

Logitech is known to have some of the markets most responsive mice. This comes handy for those users who want precision. For work purposes that requires precision, the MX Master has a very responsive scroll wheel. Logitech also has the best mouse for graphic designers.

Logitech Mx Master Mouse for designers

The most recent one of the MX master model which happens to be cordless is engineered to fit in your hand for long periods comfortably. The model also features a very responsive scroll wheel that allows designers to scroll through and browse web pages at their speed. This is also dependent on how fast the user flicks the wheel.

To experience the full range of options available on this device, you can install an options software from Logitech. The MX master is a Logitech wireless performance mouse that has a straightforward and versatile wireless connection which lets you connect up to three Mac or Windows computers.

Logitech mouse features

A Darkfield sensor on it allows you to track flawlessly in almost any type of surface. This includes glass and high gloss surfaces. The only downside of the Logitech MX Master for website designers is that it is quite expensive with prices starting at $80.

  1. Razer Deathadder Chrom

Gaming and designer mice can be used interchangeably. With its accuracy and sensitivity, it becomes ideal for both users. Razer brand of gaming mice is among the most responsive available on the market today.

Razor Deathadder Chrom for designing

Can be used for both gaming and web designing.


Mice from Razor come with three types of sensors, optical, laser and dual. This device is engineered to support your hand’s flow. The Deathadder is a bestseller. It is pocket-friendly, and one of the best mouse for website designers. It also features a rubber side grip, an optical sensor and synchronizes all the settings of it that are stored in the cloud.

The Deathadder can track a Z-axis to as little as one millimeter on surfaces such as glass and much more. It is also equipped with an optical sensor of 10,000dpi. This allows it to move up to speeds of 200 inches/second and an acceleration of 50g.

Razer mouse for web designing

The Deathadder has a Razor Chroma lighting which comes with the excesses of 16.8 options of different colors to choose from. This means that you can now illuminate the Razor’s Chroma scroll wheel just the way you like.

  1. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

This is ideal for users who want portability and comfort. It is engineered to have things done right from the word go. It was initially created for the side-by-side use with the touch-centric tiled user interface that is in Windows.

Microsoft mouse features

Scrolling through huge documents is made super quick and very easy by just a finger’s touch by the touch strip on it. This is a powerful complement when using Windows 8 with flawless navigation especially when it comes to the Start Screen.

It works almost everywhere thanks to Blue Track Technology and connectivity to Bluetooth. This device also works on Mac computers too with both ambidextrous and ergonomic properties that accrue. A Chrome extension for web designers is also available.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse for designing

This is ideal for those people who value comfort and simplicity, as well as the priceless value for money offered by Microsoft Corporation.

  1. Genius Wireless Pen Mouse

Many people confuse it with a stylus because it has the shape of a pen. However, it’s not. It does not work exactly like how many people would have expected it to work.

Pen mouse for web design

It is not also a digital component for artists to translate their expertise into a computer software. However, the Genius wireless pen mouse is best suited for a platform that operates many monitors together. It facilitates the swiping of the cursor quickly from one end to the next.

It is also ideal for the web designers who want stylus pen shape but with the capabilities of a mouse.  When you first use it, you might find it to be oversensitive due to its 1200dpi sensor. However, using Windows to change the cursor speed could make a huge difference.

It is a computer peripheral device that does its job perfectly well and can gain the appeal for those users who want to use a wireless pen.


Regardless of what you choose, it is imperative to remember these reviews and consider the amount of time that you will spend using it.

Your mouse is used in every step of the work process. It is also important to be sure that you are doing everything right to protect your joints from repetitive strain injury. This is especially important if you spend more than forty hours a week working in front of a PC.

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