In this day and age, all of us strive to reach something in life. Whether it would be to buy a new house, a new car, or maybe even become a millionaire. We have goals that we create to make these aspirations a dream come true. Heck, even designing websites requires project tracking.

Despite the many advances in technology, you do not necessarily have to rely on good old fashion grit to achieve the success that you want out of life Because there are things out there that you can use to make things so much easier.


With 2018 a few months away and just around the corner. We want to tell you that there are applications that you can use to make your goals easier to work with. This could be the year that you finally start fresh.

With that being said, we wanted to round up a little list of some of the best project management tools and applications now that can help you accomplish your dreams. Make life so much easier for you.

All of the applications that we are about to mention have their strengths, weaknesses, and best features that you should carefully take into consideration before using it. We encourage you to pick the one that appeals to you the most or at least something that can help you significantly with your goals. Here is the list of project management software.


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Best Management Tools for Goals

Part of the reason why people are so successful is the tools they use. Here are some that you may want to take a look at:

Nozbe project planning tool

  • Nozbe – this application is usually used for project management. But it can also be used as a goal achieving applications that you can use to help you achieve all of your long-term and short-term goals.

 The application allows the user to create their own specific goals, add attributes., personal motivations, and the tasks that they need to accomplish for them to reach all of their goals and track their progress through the applications dashboard.

The Nozbe application is free for only one user. But you have the option to upgrade your plan. To get some additional features that may not be available in the free version.

It is only available for Apple users. So if you own a MacBook or an iPhone, you can use it on both platforms. It syncs throughout both your iPhone and MacBook. So if you update on any device, it will automatically update.

This application is great if you are the type of person who doesn’t have time to check in once in a while. It’s perfect for people who are on the go.

  • StickK – If you want something a little more serious when it comes to goal setting, the stickK is your best bet. This application has a one of a kind goal setting application. This application requires the user to sign a “commitment contract” to ensure that you commit to completing the goals that you write down.

 The best part about it is, the application requires the user to pay an individual fine if they do not stick to the commitment agreement. According to the developer, having a financial penalty will give you better chances of completing your goals.

Hey, it’s worth a try if it means sticking to your word. The stickK application is great if you want to achieve your goals.

manage your projects more efficiently

Make a to-do list daily and weekly


  • Coach Me – if you are just new to goal settings and you want to develop some healthy habits, you may find this application beneficial. This application is called the habit tracker. It allows the user to set up their goals, milestones, and habits that they would like to get support from or at least achieve.

The coachme application also allows the user to post on the community page and ask for support form the staff. Plus, it helps you track your progress and habits over time, sets reminders and also offers some success plans that you can use to help you reach your goals faster.

This application is available for both android and apple users. It can be synced within platforms so that if you change devices, it will be easy for you to track and replace your progress on your new device.

  • LifeTick – this is another excellent application that you can use to help you with your goal setting. It not only helps you achieve your goals, but it helps you figure out what kind of goals you want to have. It will also teach you how to explore your values, track your progress and thoughts in a unique online journal.

 LifeTick will also invite your friends and family to support you on your path to success. It is free to start, but like the Nozbe app, you will have to pay for some features that you will normally not get on the free version.

On the paid version, you get the advantage of family and business planning, along with other benefits. It’s available for Apple users.

better organize your day

Use project planning software


  • Smart goals – this application means business. The Smart Goals app is one of the most organized applications on the market today. It helps you make measurable, actionable, and relevant smart goals.

It is also meant to help the user achieve their goals in an intelligent way. It helps you track your concrete targets and milestones, but makes sure that you track your progress through the process.

This application was specially made for mobile users, and you can avail of it on either the Apple store or on Google Play for $2.99 USD. If you want to be serious and reach all of your dreams, this application is one of the best that you can choose.

These project management tools can help anyone

These tools can help a person become more organized. Maybe you want a simpler option? Consider chrome extensions.

If you would like to gain more direction in your life, it would be recommended that you try any of these apps for yourself and see which is the best project management software for your needs.

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