Running a successful business involves frequent communication with your staff in an efficient manner.

In most offices, excellent communication in either scenario does not happen, and this is why you see employees scramble.

Unfortunately doing so usually takes half the day if you are not equipped with the best project management tools.

To be successful, your employees need the right tools to cut down on the time it takes to organize and become efficient.

The path to success is also going to contribute to excellent communication. You can quickly lose in more ways than monetary by not using the right tools to help you succeed.

That tool is “Slack,” and with it, you will find how your work becomes better than ever before.    

The following blog is a summary of what you can do with the ten tools listed to help integrate with Slack that will reduce your management time and improve your marketing efforts.

First, Let’s Talk About How to use Slack

Best slack apps of 2018

The team chat software, Slack, has improved communication within corporate teams for some time now.

The online program now enables you to no longer need to shoot emails to colleges while waiting for an answer.

Now with the improved version, all you need to do is post a message to all your teammates by using your Slack group channel. What better way to boost sales productivity than using a tool meant for project and team communication.

The Slack app now has more sales and marketing tools available to reach higher numbers of users by establishing building integrations.

Slack may be a favored internal communication tool due its workability and convenience, but its real strength lies within its combination.     

You can get more work completed without needing to abandon your Slack channels.   

  1. GetResponse

A screenshot of the home page of the email marketing tool "GetResponse"

If you operate email marketing campaigns on a regular basis, you can monitor them directly from your slack channels.

Email marketing tools such as “GetResponse”  efficiently delivers, subscribes and unsubscribes your numbers. It also provides statuses and open rates to whatever slack channel you choose.

  1. Trello

Trello can work with slack

If you have sets of teams or freelancers, you need Trello.

Trello’s integration can assist you in managing the process efficiently. 

For instance, if you have several copywriters, bloggers, and editors, life and work can become hectic real fast.      

Here is where having a Slack channel fits just perfectly. Once you have established your channel, you have everyone you need in the same loop. Here is where you will have a central content management/chat organized system to that will keep all your projects in check.

Trello assists by letting you create a project (cards) giving you the ability to assign the correct project to the right teammate. You can establish when each project due date is as well having the option to leave necessary comments.   

  1. DrumUp

content marketing, curation and social media management tool, DrumUp

When you have several employees, it can be difficult positioning the right one to use social media as an industry expert.

Once you make the connection, you will begin to see several benefits. However, providing each employee with the best content can be quite stressful.  

DrumUp’s Slack integrations purpose it to provide keyword specific content from apparent sites to your Slack channels. This strategy is also a fantastic method to encourage your employees to remain updated on vital industry developments.    

The DrumUp and Slack integrations API allow channel members to organize and schedule distributed content directly from the channels. As an alternative, you can connect your personal blog’s RSS feed to Slack and earn shares from employees.

  1. Mention

web and social media monitoring app Mention

Keeping your brand mentions can be a hectic full-time effort.

It is even more stressful if you are burning the candle at both ends with having the role of customer support for many social platforms. With the Mentions Slack integration, you have the means to monitor vital keywords from your Slack channels.

You also can ensure that each mention receives proper attention from a professional team member through Slacks @mention feature.

  1. GrowthBot

slack chatbot for marketing and sales, GrowthBot

One of the top Slack apps for productivity


The GrowthBot tool assists you with gathering sales and marketing related information within your Slack channels.

The function of GrowthBot is not limited to established parameters; it includes miscellaneous helpful functions.  

For example, you can ask the bot to reveal the leading post from Moz. Com or the keywords that your competition is buying. To receive a total list of the functions the bot can provide, just say “hello” then next click the “Give me a hint tab.  It is one of the most popular slack integrations.

  1. StatsBot

usiness intelligence platform, Statsbot

Those who are in the marketing business do not usually refer to analytics on a daily basis.

However, you can go through with a StatsBot integration. The StatsBots tools deliver Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and salesforce reports to Slack channels.     

Such reports help keep an eye on extreme changes in metrics that need immediate attention or post-campaign parameters that pack a heavy load of insights.

  1. Marker Application For Slack

chrome extension, Marker, which is a screen capture

As marketers, you sometimes need to work with the developers of the software you use for various reasons.

The main reason for this is to help with SEO issues and to identify bugs that need fixing. You can quickly send these problems by utilizing Slack integrations and Marker Chrome.   

The Marker Chrome extension allows you to take screenshots while you are browsing and interpret the issues to send it to your Slack channel.

Once you deliver the screenshot which will have the URL of the webpage the developer can decipher and resolve the issue.

  1. Intro Slack Integration

most popular slack integrations

Intro provides you a platform to connect with your team’s social media network via Slack.

Once you have Intro set up, it instructs channel member involved to edit their profiles and establish a directory of each member.   

All members can provide their contacts to a central channel where you can get and give “intros.” Sales personnel can utilize the app to gain contacts and research. Other teams can also use the app to employ creative talent that fits their request and contacts.    

  1. Clearbit Slack Integration

home page of the data provider, Clearbit

If you have ever found yourself struggling to get info about a lead, Clearbit is for you. 

Clearbit can quickly turn your captured email leads into complete profiles providing pertinent information such as

  • Role
  • Employment
  • Address
  • Seniority  

You gain this knowledge from one hundred online data points that will help you better your sale pitch and conversion ratios. Clearbit also keeps a close eye on conversion patterns and shines a light on potential clients.  

  1. DataFox

information portal, DataFox

If you find yourself spending too much time keeping up with competition and investments, DataFox will not only help you; it does it for you. 

DataFox tools let you choose organizations to keep updates on such as when a management executive leaves or when a company is in the news.

Conclusion: Best slack integrations and applications for 2018

That wraps up the list of Slack reviews.

You can choose and install each one on your channels or just the ones you need at this time. Do not waste any more time chasing leads or managing your marketing.

Establish an integrated experience that will improve your efficiency and your productivity. 

Each of the apps discussed above can help you stay on track with less stress. You will see your job in a different light once you add the apps to help you stay track.

Go ahead, download your choice and get ready to enjoy the benefits of using slack.

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