It may become overwhelming to tame the challenges that come whenever you are considering to redesign your website or create a new website design. But whatever you do, DO NOT go with a cheap website design.

There is always anxiety due to the numerous things that you want to be put in place. However, euphoria turns into confusion as you try to put together all your resources into the project and devise a plan of action.

Translating your wealth of ideas into reality requires a qualified website design agency.

Red Flag when shopping for an affordable web design

One of the things that most people find hard to determine is knowing whether the web developer is reliable or you will end up with a subpar, cheap website design company. In the end, so many details get you confused and uncertain with the basics like where to start and who to hire. Considering hiring an affordable web design company, not a CHEAP Website Design company.

Taking all factors into consideration, the following are among the red flags that you may be a victim of cheap website design companies. The signs also tell whether the developer is incapable of offering value and what you can do to be safe.

  1. Little or no focus on the first page of Search Engines

The most fundamental reason of having a website for any business is to be able to first appear on a Google page. It is very critical to pay attention to the latest SEO best practices and prioritize them in your website design. Whether your site appears on the first page for a few keyword search terms will involve more than a narrow focus on search engine optimization.

As of today, 200 plus factors will determine whether your web page will be given priority to appear on the first page of search results. Any promise for a page one ranking for specific keywords search is vague. Anyone making such promises wants to get paid and vanish before you realize that no real value was offered.

warning signs of a cheap website design

Be aware of the warning signs of an inexpensive custom website design that will leave you disappointed.


You should use a language that your marketing personas readily identify is key. The use of the language to research a problem that you can solve will prove to be of so much value. Always strive to find a developer who will build useful content that shows what you are offering and how you can assist them.

The content of your website should be customized to attract your ideal consumers. This can be done by addressing their issues and exhibiting your expertise on how to offer solutions by the resources that provide utility to your customers.

  1. Lack of Strategic Direction = Cheap Website Design

Not getting the blueprint of your website results in undesired results. It also renders the final product’s viability to be very questionable. Sometimes it might be regrettable that when the development team is long gone is when you realize that something about your web design went wrong.

how to avoid wasting your time

Taking your business goals into consideration while designing your website is paramount. It is the results in the final product that gives your businesses true value. Getting more business is always the high-level goal by most cheap website design moguls. However, if that is all that comes to the blueprint development table, you could have a beautiful website that does not achieve your business goals.

It has never been easy providing a strategic direction towards the development of your website. Trotting out a laundry list of all the bells and whistles you wanted to have on your site to stand as your plan is the first red flag. Placing your business goals at the heart of your planning is what should be your first line of action instead.

Driving the objectives of your business is what should be firmly rooted in your new website. One of the best approaches to achieving this is to take a list of what you want and incorporate them into the site. This should be in such a way that aligns with your business goals, the technical bit of SEO and your ideal visitor’s needs.

For your website not to appear and operate as a comprehensive fancy brochure, a workhorse vision is necessary. Here, your website is designed to play an active role in your efforts of sales and marketing. Prospective developers should be encouraged to ask lots of questions so they can be conversant with your business goals and the exact needs of your firm.

  1. Poor understanding of how to create a website

Primarily, there are two types of job descriptions involved in the creation of a site. These are a web developer and a web designer. A developer ensures that the fundamentals of the website work like they are supposed to. A designer’s job is to avoid the perils of cheap website design to make the site look beautiful.

However, many times a substandard website is created when there is no clear distinction between the two. This is because the person who does the job has the expertise of only one of the trades and not the other.

It is always advisable to bring a team of professionals to the task so you can bring the two job descriptions together for a high-quality final product that is within your budget. Guidance for situations should be expected when there is a need for the alignment and incorporation of beauty, function, and budget for a desirable outcome. A local website developer may be your best bet. Avoid the spam from “cheap website design India” that floods your inbox daily.

  1. Unrealistic Design timelines

You may cut some hefty corners by getting the website done fast. Anyone who promises to deliver your site in a concise period is likely to give a substandard cheap website design. Short timeline developers often result in a complete waste of resources that you invested in your website. This is because there was never enough time to build something that gave real value to your business.

Moreover, you might get caught up in the confusion where the vendor agreed to all of your demands, regardless of how unrealistic they were, cashed your check, and then took all his time to get to your job.

man holding a card

Quality website takes time to establish


Before any commitment to a particular timeline, any serious developer, meticulously examines your wants and needs for your website. Whether you will like the answer or not, you should always be open for an extensive discussion about how much time it will take for the project to be completed.

You should also take into consideration the idea of rolling out the project in various phases with different deadlines. What you exactly need can be achieved by using this approach and be delivered in a practical length of time. It also gives you the window to put the value of your ideas to the test and adjust according to outcomes.

  1. Absence of a clear Scope of Work (SOW) or a contract

It may seem like a win when you don’t have a formal agreement in place which allows for almost unlimited revisions and unbridled creativity. Working through the process without a precise definition of expectations, timelines and pricing in written form is a big miscalculation.

Putting most of the parameters involved in writing can lead to the elimination of most of the disappointments. This is because, without a formal document, both sides may have different versions of the outcome.

Most of the web development companies will bring on a clear document which stipulates all the parameters and procedures. The document also has the provision of the flexibility that comes with such a creative process. To avoid unnecessary delays and confusion, a precise definition of who is doing what is paramount for the success of your project.

Conclusion, You Get What You Pay for in Design

To ensure that your website does not end up a waste of your time and money, please review all the five points that we have highlighted here.

Utilize them to have leverage and a whole new perspective of avoiding cheap website design. Mobilize the right experts, resources and identify the goals of your business. This will ensure that your site works to meet the goals of your firm or company.

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