As with any online business, you want it to grow. It starts with updating your website with fresh content that is targeted to your audience. Don’t worry; you can always hire a website maintenance service to handle this for you.

But growing your business online isn’t the same as it would be in a brick-and-mortar store. Online growth happens differently than real-world growth

Content is King. It brings views and clicks!

And what gets views and clicks better than relevant and useful content.

To reach more potential customers, small business owners have to consider numerous aspects of content marketing in such areas as social media presence, blog post, web content optimized for SEO, an email marketing strategy, product descriptions and so on.

Here are a few reasons why using the help of content marketing companies can help your business grow through high-quality content.

1) You do not have time to write

save time with Content Marketing Services

Writing good content is like building a car.

It is built from many small pieces working to form larger automobile “organs” until you have a vessel that gets you from one place to the next.

Clunky, inefficient writing is like a car that’s not put together well. It drags; it makes a lot of noise and fogs up the reader’s windshield (e.g., their ability to see what the entire point is about). You need cars—and copy— that is put together well to draw customers in.

But unless your business is selling works, you have written or something else related to writing, you most likely don’t have the background to write good copy.

And even if you did, running a business is time-consuming! You probably don’t have the time to spend an hour researching, drafting, and editing an article.

That is why hiring a content marketing service puts gives you a writer that’s trained to write good articles for your site, so you do not have to.

2) Make your website show up in Google, SEO

So, you have got an article written. Excellent. But, how is it going to show up on someone’s search engine when there are millions of other articles vying for the same attention?

By using a Dallas search engine optimization company, of course! By putting yourself in the shoes of a search engine user, you are more likely to tailor your content to what the person would search.

Let’s say that someone wants to look up a pair of hiking shoes to buy. They would not say, “What is the best pair of hiking boots?”

No, they’d probably go for “best-hiking boots men” or something like that. With that in mind, your writer can write an article titled, Best hiking boots for men, which would show up on a search engine search since the article title matches what people search for.

The searcher clicks that article and boom; you get one more person on your website.

Search Engine Optimization is another skilled specialty writers have to learn. But when it is incorporated into the content, you put on your website it can dramatically boost the amount of traffic you get to your site.

3) Fill your site with resourceful content

article writing image

Let’s see if this sounds like you: You get super into something, learn all about it, invest a lot of time in it, then the passion fizzles out and you move onto something else.

The chances are that sounds like you. It is okay—it happens to the best of us.

But those two articles you got super gung-ho about writing are not doing much for your website. The more content you have on your website, the more likely it is that someone will search for that content, making yours relevant on a search engine.

As with time-saving, having a writer from a service gives you guaranteed content by a specific deadline. If you get two articles about graphic design every Friday, then by the end of the year you will have over 100 articles on your website, giving your site a serious presence on the web.

4) Establish Authority With A Content Marketing Plan

You can establish the authority of your website further by promoting well-researched, longer articles on your site.

This may take longer for your writer to write, but these types of articles are valuable for the following reason:

    • Research makes you a trusted source. By having valid proof back you up, you can separate yourself from the blogs that are mostly based off of opinions or weak research. You make your brand a trusted brand, which people will happily turn to when they want to learn more about your particular field.
    • Because you are a trusted source, you may be linked to other people’s sites when they want to do research as well. This is mostly a free promotion for your site, all because you paid your writer to do a bit more research.

So, yeah, establishing authority does wonders for your website. It puts you ahead of the weaker, less trustworthy competition.

Content Marketing Services you save time

Since you are probably too busy to write the articles yourself, you can just hire someone to do it for you and reap the benefits.

The writer will be happy to write for you, you will be glad to see your website grow, and everyone will be glad to have good, well-researched content show up in their search results.

Getting the help of a content marketing service will be an excellent first step for growing your website.

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