Have you met valuable business connections recently? Specifically, those that can help you advance your professional career and make new business contacts? The business world is full of challenges. What you need are connections, business networking. It is time to get out of the office.

Time to get out of the office and make some new connections.


People who have experience in your industry that can provide essential fresh insights. Regardless if you are just starting or have been in business for more than a couple of years, it is still good to hear useful advice from other .professionals

Dallas, Texas, has a substantial population. It can be difficult to get outside of your social circle to find your footing professionally.

dfw networking events

If you want to jumpstart your networking, here are some of the best Dallas business networking events locally to get you started.

7 Dallas Business Networking Events

Dallas Business Journal

dallas business networking

Many free networking events in  Dallas


Are you looking for something that offers a variety of everything? Then the Business Journal’s regular events would be your best bet. If you still can’t decide on what line of business you want to enter, check out this journal for guidance. There is a variety of DFW networking events here including these:

  • Writing Workshops
  • Luncheons Entrepreneurial Seminars
  • Conferences

No matter what your budget is, there is bound to be something out there that will spark your interest. They provide a great list of upcoming business events in Dallas.

Professional Networking Unlimited

Dallas Business Networking Events

If you are looking to update your address book, then this event is right up your alley. There is nothing more fulfilling than meeting new people and expanding your social circle

The professional networking unlimited event is a business comprised of dedicated professionals working to give you meaningful relationships. In other words, it is an event that was created solely to build better business relationships and sharing referrals.

According to the creators, their goal is to help each member grow their business book, and provide the best support that they can to their clients.

Legacy Corridor Urban Professional

This group is considered the area’s primary face-to-face business networking group. If you want something that is a bit laid back and non-formal, this is a great choice.

It gives members the chance to socialize with one another but in a casual setting. Each meeting occurs in different exciting locations like restaurants, clubs, hotels, and unique event locations.

The group was launched in 2012 and has been one of the most significant and fast-growing organizations of its kind. Each event draws diverse professionals from all career levels and industries. Most of these events take place on a weekday. Usually, right after work and in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where people can make conducive connections.

Each event draws diverse professionals from all career levels and industries.

The Entrepreneurial Center

If you are preparing to launch your business, but not to sure about what to do first this networking event is for you. The Dallas Entrepreneurial center started in the year 2013.The primary focus of the group is to help local startup founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It is a great place to meet new people as well.

You’re sure to fit in well because the members are a collaborative society of experts, investment groups, and leaders. It may all sound scary to venture into something for the first time, but with their help, you will make the right moves. Having a sound support system will help you make the right connections to get your business off the ground.

Social Media Club Dallas Networking Events

Digital marketing has made a mark in the world since the age of technology started to evolve drastically.

The Social Media Club Dallas is one of the area’s innovators in digital marketing.

social media club of dallasThey host a gathering each month for social media, current events, and marketing.

So, if you want to learn how to increase the effectivity of your social media strategies, then this will be the best place to go.

It will also introduce you to a large number of opportunities. You might even find their team of professionals accommodating, easy to get along with, and smart.

Career Connection

Whether you are just starting to look for a new job or looking for ways to expand your knowledge, the career connection event can help you get started. This gathering was designed to help young professionals of any age gain career connections and job leads.

One of the many unique qualities this event has is they offer general workshop sessions every week. At these workshops you have access to jobs that are not made public yet.

It is great because you get to gain new job opportunities and meet new people. And, you can also make valuable business connections that lead you to a better professional life.

Network After Work in Dallas


As the name suggests, if you do not have time during working hours or during the weekdays to visit a networking event, then this will be the best choice for you. It is a social and business-networking event with more than 500,000 members nationwide.network after work logo

Every month, the hosts meet in different restaurants, café’s, and other venues where each of you can mingle and network.

Let’s face it; office life can be pretty dull. After sitting in a cubicle for eight hours each day, an after hours network event is a nice welcome. The Network After Work is a fun event for professionals to enjoy.

Try these Dallas Professional Networking Events

If you live in Dallas or the surrounding areas be sure to check out these opportunities to network and make new connections. As a recap, this article is about helping you get out and mingle while expanding your important business contact names. Dallas Website Design is always ready to help with all your website design projects.

Be sure to add us to your Dallas website networking portfolio for future projects. Give us a call when you are ready for a superb websight design. Be sure to check out our other services we offer as well.

Do you know of any other professional network event in or around the Dallas area? If so, be sure to leave your comments so we can add it to our list. And, while you here, please share our blog with your friends and family.  




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