If you successfully got 2017 started with a well-prepared marketing plan, then you won half the battle. The other half is knowing what plans work and which ones fluttered before they made it out of the starting gate.

From a business perspective, there is nothing like starting a new year off feeling organized and ready for the next 365 days to bring new possibilities for your customers and your business.  By now you should have a birds-eye view of your marketing plan you set in place and have some idea where you were off a bit and where you were right on the money.

It is all about generating sales and therefore having an effective digital marketing strategy will put you on top. Management and marketing work hand-in-hand tailoring the latest trends that show hope in increased revenue while generating new leads. As sales increase, you can see your marketing strategy paid off as you thrive to get a return on your investments.

Digital Marketing Strategies101

digital marketing strategies

Effective marketing strategies will set you apart from your competitors

If there is one thing to understand about digital marketing its that it is here to stay. It’s everywhere; you cannot avoid it. You hear it; you see it, as it happens all around you. If you aren’t working in the marketing industry, then you may very well not be aware of what you are a part of is a strategic plan made to entice readers to gain interest in a service or a product.

Knowing this information may lead you to think the digital marketing industry in a profitable business, and you would be correct with this assumption. As a business owner, your desire should be to increase your sales rapidly. Word of mouth is no longer the number one means of advertisement.

Digital Marketing is promoting a brand or product by way of one or more forms of businesses. It is different from the traditional ways a business once promoted their services or products in that it uses methods that enable a company to understand what is working and what isn’t.

It is the job of a Digital Marketer to monitor the traffic a website gets to figure out the following:

  • What is gaining views
  • For how long
  • How often
  • What content works and what is irrelevant
  • Sales conversions

With the internet in the top lead of channels that associate with marketing, there are others that are not far behind, types of marketing strategies use;

  • Instant messaging
  • Electronic billboards
  • Mobile apps
  • Text messaging
  • Podcast
  • Radio
  • Digital television

Digital media is so powerful in that consumers have information at their fingertips any place and at any time they want to access it. The day where a company relied on word-of-mouth to inform others about their product or services, (which even then consisted of just what the business wanted them to know), are long gone.
Digital marketing growth is now rampant and some examples of sources are:

  • Social interaction
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping

And, not just what you want the public to know about your brand, but what relatives, friends, peers and the media have to say as well. Sadly, the way media works, people are more likely to believe what others have to say about your company than you.

The media industry is a dog-eat-dog world, and people crave products they can trust, companies that connect to them, communication that is relevant and personalized and offers that cater to their preference and needs. And, it’s up to digital media to provide this.

What is a Digital Strategy

Digital marketing is no doubt the most advanced marketing tool the world has yet to see. If you were to never turn on your television again, you would not miss out on any advertisements at all. In fact, online advertising is the reason the internet exists as strongly as it does.

There are many tools that marketers and website managers use to ensure their client’s site is developing a marketing strategy. With new inventions taking place as you read this, it’s apparent people are scrambling to gain knowledge of the latest innovative techniques used to be successful.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what the most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies of 2017 are and how they work.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy used to generate visibility in non-paid (organic) search results. SEO combines creative and technical elements needed to drive traffic and improve rankings all while increasing awareness through search engines.

There are many parts of SEO, ranging from how other sites “link” themselves to you online to the words used in your content that make SEO successful. Even though these can be tricky, something as simple as structuring your site so that search engines gain a clear understanding of the purpose of your site can be a simple matter.

SEO hit the scenes with a splash and has yet to lose its steam as other techniques make their way to the internet marketing world. Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is a huge factor to all internet activity because the purpose of the web is to provide information and people seek information more today before they take action or spend their money. SEO is designed to find the info needed and deliver the best. 

Social Media Marketing:

If you want to get a clear understanding to how powerful social media is, just ask your friends and family how many check their Facebook page before they make it to the coffee pot each morning? It is essential to keep in mind your social media marketing strategies.

Not only has social media become the primary avenue for how people remain in touch with loved ones, but it also ranks as one of the number one channels for advertisements around the globe. Facebook alone has millions of members that are searching its pages at one given time.

If your goal as a marketer is to reach masses of people, social media is the route to take. Social media never runs short on people willing to linger for hours leaving the door open for marketing which is the best  “free” platform available. 


Video Marketing:

Video ads popularity with publishers has more than tripled so far in 2017. Why? Because with video ads, the viewer has no choice but to watch them, or at least most of the ad, anyway.

Interruption marketing is on the same lines as having to look at a commercial on television in that the only way you can avoid it is by changing the page or channel you are viewing. With this strategy, you are giving people no choice but to take notice of your brand or product.

Even though video ads have been on the circuit a while, new climbs in popularity are what has made this means of advertising a force to be reckoned with. The blog post is the latest avenue marketers are using to insert video ads into websites.

video marketing example

If you haven’t already found yourself having to watch the duration of an ad because it sits directly in front of the content you wish to read, have no fear, you will soon get your chance. Unless you choose to turn your sound off, you will hear the ad play even if you have other pages up and running.

Marketers are doing all they can to see a return on their investment for content and blogs, and so far they have found it by placing video ads in the place you go to read the most, the blogs.

Wearable Devices:

You may not have one or have even held one, but chances are, you will. Wearable devices such as the Apple Watch, virtual reality, and activity trackers are the hottest commodities on today’s market.

With future predictions of new items making their way onto the marketing scene, wearable devices should be an area you take advantage of your ability to increase marketing.

IoT (Internet of Things ) Applications:

IoT is one of the top applications in marketing technology to hit the scenes over the past couple of years. It’s most useful for retailers and makers of devices which are why it ranks high in priorities.

With the number of connected devices reaching into the billions, by the year 2020, there are expectations of there being ten times as many devices that communicate to one another than people are living on earth. With all the data sharing being far-ranging and huge, your way of life is about to be transformed.

Pay-Per-Click (Paid Search Marketing):

Although Pay-Per-Clicks, also known as cost-per-click, is not new by any means, it is a proven effective means of advertising. With Google leading the way with Google AdWords advertising, you can see why they are actively pursuant of their “Mobile-first” marketing strategy.


PPC is an advertising portal used to drive traffic to websites where a publisher (website owner) receives revenue by an advertiser for each click an ad receives. Advertisers use different structures to how they determine which publisher to advertise with, the most common being a   fixed per click price rather than a bidding system.

Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have adopted the PPC method as one of their models for advertising. As aggravating as it is for the reader to have these ads pop up while reading content, the strategy for marketing is a rewarding avenue used by advertisers.

Link Building:

Link building is a process of having external pages linked to pages on your website with hopes of gaining new traffic from the other page. Link building is a time consuming, complicated process because not all sites have the same goals in mind.

Even though this is a popular SEO strategy, it’s not always successful in reaching the intended goal. It is important when using Link building that you use an authoritative reputable website instead of a newly created page.

Link building is imperative however because it’s one strategy Google uses to rank pages. Three things to consider when choosing link building websites is:

  • Authority and trust of the site
  • Content optimization
  • Anchor text used

 Develop Digital Marketing Strategies

Data Gaining:

“Big Data” is relevant to how you learn to predict marketing and sales. Without knowing the data involved with the audience you are targeting, you are shooting wildly in a wide open field. Gaining an understanding of how to predict what people will use the internet for is enormous in your marketing plan.

Quality content:

Without good, quality content no matter what other strategies you use in building your website you will hit a dead-end street. Information is why the internet exists, and people want excellent information.

digital media plan template

Quality Content Starts With a Digital Marketing Plan


If you want your targeted audience to buy and push your product, maintain that you always provide the best no matter how big or small the detail is to your site. There are several advantages of delivering quality content, one being returning traffic flow.

The goal of marketing is to gain traffic flow to your website. If you have content that is poorly written, you can bet that your traffic flow will come to a halt. The advantage to having good quality content is people will want to read what you have and come back for more.

With quality content, you will climb the ranks in popularity and trust as long as you provide proper quality content with a consistent flow.

Targeting the right Online Audience:

When it comes to people and sales, mind-over-matter can play a dominant game. If you have a friend that is allergic to cats, trying to sell them cat litter is a mute attempt, right? The same goes for knowing what products to promote with different groups.

By using a people/product analysis, you are confirming that you have strategically found the right group of people to market the right products. Statistics show that during peak daytime hours more women are online than men. With this in mind, this time-frame should market feminine products rather than masculine items.


Each year new and improved selling strategies make their way onto the scene by way of what has and has not worked in the past. Depending on what your brand or product is, the way you market it may differ from how your competition chooses to sell theirs.

Understanding what your goals are for your website design is half the battle, hiring a great team to implement your desires is the other half.

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