Every single day, many business owners use Facebook Ads.

Just like you, they seek to finally win over their target audience by the use of highly active Ads, that improve their website conversion rate.

Here I have presented my five most successful Facebook campaigns to grow your business using Facebook ad best practices.

Facebook Ad Tips

It is sometimes very frustrating to lose time and resources on ads that do not deliver to the intended audience. Every single day, many advertisers take a try at a new campaign in Social Ads.

Just like you, these advertisers seek to finally win their target audience by the use of highly active ads.


use facebook ads to grow your business

Social media helps market your business.


They test a variety of interests and demographics, tweak their Ad copy again and again, and try using a lot of non- identical images.

You could be playing darts blindfolded if you are the kind that runs campaign facebook page without a track to measure how successful they are. By tracking your Facebook Advertising, you can easily see how the ads fit in your whole marketing scheme.

This consequently allows you to create an optimized strategy as you progress.

The best time to start your campaign is when you are ready to narrow down your perfect audience by the use of Facebook campaign ideas.

It is always a green light to go ahead after you have optimized your advertisement creative. You can come close to the tip of the iceberg that identifies a successful campaign by finding out things like:

  • The number of conversations you are getting
  • The ads that are giving the highest number of clicks on the website
  • Some dollars that you make for every conversion

You will be certainly in the dark without the use of Ad Tracking. However, for some strange reason, they are not successful at creating successful Facebook Ads. However, with little tweaks here and there, it is possible for you to create the very first successful FB Ads today.

We have done some research and found out that you can save your hard-earned dollar by the use of the following tips in Ad tracking.

  1. Put in place a Conversion Tracking Pixel

It is critical to take your time in installing a conversion pixel if your primary goal is making money through conversions.

It is usually a small code snippet that is installed on the back of the Thank You page end. Usually, this is where your prospective audience will reach after converting on the ads landing page.

Audience targeting in Facebook Ads

The pixel will always fire whenever a person reaches that particular page.

Your ads manager then alerts you about the conversion, and you can track the number of conversions you are generating through the Ad. It is important to note that the conversion pixel is being phased out later this year and advertisers are advised to make a transition of the pixel.

  1. Set a value of conversion in your Facebook Ads

Conversion value in facebook interface

A sample of conversion value set up.


The best facebook campaign track conversions, or ROI. It is paramount to know the conversion value whenever you are running an Ad with the intent to convert prospects.

This enables you to track your campaign revenue versus campaign spending. There is a belief that your conversion value may put your business at risk and is the chief reason why so many start-ups are failing so fast.

The business model that believes that an email newsletter sign up has no revenue attachment is totally out of place in today’s competitive world.

Such companies end up having a customer acquisition cost higher than the lifetime value of the client. This means that it costs them more to bring a client that what they earn from the life of a customer in the business. The cost of Facebook ads can be highly variable.

Consequently, your business struggles to stay afloat as you are spending more time and resources than you are bringing in.

Knowing your stand about a client’s lifetime value and the acquisition cost of a customer and setting up a value of the conversion is very critical. This is because it assists you in determining whether to terminate a campaign that proves wasteful or scale up a profitable one.

  1. Tag Your URLs

Let us assume that you have created a Facebook Ad campaign that discuss how to promote your website with the goal to drive clicks to your website’s landing page.

Like any brilliant marketer, you have set up several creative that you plan on testing against one another. Your objective is to determine the winning Ad as the one that brings down costs and generates the most clicks on your website.

For each ad, you set a test budget of $25 and run them for the next three days to the same target audience. After the three days, you will be able to utilize the reporting tools to determine which is the most successful ad. This is only possible if you are the social media manager.

diagram of an advertising campaign

When using Google Analytics or any other third party analytics software, however, it will not be a walk in the park to measure your breakthrough.

When you have two FB Ads for a single destination URL becomes tricky. This is because there is no way of distinguishing the clicks if both get clicked by observing the analytics of your site.

If you have 400 clicks generated by your first ad and the second ad variation makes 200 clicks with the $25 budget, it is evident the former is the winner.

However, if you look at the results of the FB campaign using Google Analytics or any other third party software, 600 clicks is the number of clicks that you will see on the landing page.

It will be easier to determine which ad is driving what traffic by tagging URLs with a customized combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

  1. Install a unique Audience pixel

It is possible to track visits to particular website pages with a unique Audience pixel.

With that, you can convert the visitors into an audience that you can serve Ads that are highly relevant to them. This is how it works:

facebook ad pricing example

You will install the Audience pixel on a particular page just like you would for a conversion tracking pixel.

Every time a person clicks on that page through FB or other referrers, they are summed to an audience that you can easily target using a particular ad on the page.

This facilitates for very efficient remarketing brands which have been used to improve ROI to the excesses of 32 times. Unsure how all these works, consider hiring a digital ad agency.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Facebook Pixel

Late last year, the Conversion Tracking Pixel began doing away. Also in the process of being phased out is the Custom Audience Pixel and offering the new ”Pixel” as the alternative for replacement. This is a great way to save time and be more productive with your campaigns.

It combines the pros of the Custom Audience pixel and the Conversion pixel into one pixel.

a chart showing facebook cpms

US Facebook advertising CPMs and CTRs by industry


You can now make use of the FB pixel to optimize, measure and build audiences for your campaign ads without the need to implement the Custom Audience pixel and the Conversion pixel.

With one pixel, you can be able to create audiences, track conversions, target again and again to those audiences and present extremely relevant ads.

If you are currently using Custom Audience pixel or the conversion pixel, you can continue.

However, it is imperative that you start to learn on how to incorporate the new, dynamic and more powerful pixel.

The facebook campaign manager

Conclusion: Fundamental Social Media Marketing Strategy

You will surely be destined for success when you set up the above best facebook marketing campaigns. Knowing what is beneficial and what is not is critical in running a profitable and fruitful Facebook campaign.

Through the facebook advertising tips above, you can start gaining traffic through clicks and visitors to your landing page and grow your business.

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