Everything starts with clarity of your message and the design of your website.

To improve your website conversion rate, you must have a strategic plan.

A site that is easy to understand, navigate, and has an eye-catching design is an efficient way to generate leads. If you apply effort to market and build your website with conversions in mind, you will reap the rewards.

website conversion tips

Take note that a website with a poor design will mean wasted opportunities.

An attractive and professional looking site is only half the battle.

Making sure that you monitor your site’s performance and tweaking when needed is essential for its success.

In this article, we will discuss 13 simple tips on website conversion rate optimization to help you maximize your website.

A Responsive Design Improves Your Average Conversion Rates

Through advanced technology of mobile devices, more and more consumers do their shopping while on the go. Believe it or not, research shows 60% of consumer searches now come from mobile devices.

So, if your business does not have a mobile-friendly website, you have lost more than half of the potential for opportunities for new business. Mobile friendly means that your current site shrinks according to the size of the device that which is called responsive design.

You also may get a separate mobile version of your website, through a responsive site. That alone can be better for SEO or search engine optimization. If you notice, most of the successful websites now have a mobile-friendly site, and usually, it is responsive.

Create Concise Messages

Sometimes, when you read content from a website your attention and mindset may be different from that of a print document. With print, there can be long blocks of text with small print. And these can be annoying to customers.

With online content, however, you have the advantage to use a bigger font and point quickly. Take note that your visitors go to you to seek solutions to their problems. Therefore, you need to be able to answer their questions promptly.

Fresh Content Is Key To CRO

Businesses rotate and maintain a fresh look by changing their window display often. The same must apply to your website.

You have to develop fresh content frequently to put on your landing page or home page.

People get sick of reading the same thing over and over. It’s essential that you give your viewers the opportunity to share your content.



By doing so, this allows them to promote your website at the same time. Plus, sharing your content also helps your SEO.

Take successful sites like eBay for example. Every time you come across their website, they have sales, deals, or new content to display. By doing so, their marketing plan is right on target.


Take successful sites like eBay for example. Every time you come across their website, they have sales, deals, or new content to display. By doing so, their marketing plan is right on target.

Consumers like seeing new products on display, and it keeps their minds in the “buy now” moment.

Take Advantage of User Behavior Metrics

As a business owner, you should at all times monitor your visitor’s behavior while on your site. Understanding the pattern of shoppers is relevant data necessary to grow your business.

In fact, there is a way that you can check this for free, and it is called Google Analytics. This tool is simple to use and allows you to view in detail how your users behave on your site. It is great because it will also help you fine-tune your promotions.

Another useful tool that you can use is called Crazy Egg. This program shows you a heat map for your site and details exactly where your visitors click. Gathering all of this information will enable you to create compelling pages and of course gain higher sales. To stay informed of vital information, be sure to check your analytics at least once a month.

Implement layered landing pages

Getting your customers to visit your page is excellent. But, guiding them to your landing pages that leads to conversion is even better.

Some businesses offer a broad selection of services and products that require a landing page for each category. That is the only way that you will be able to build a substantial presence in that market.

Take eBay or Amazon for example. These sites sell many items and in different categories. You cannot put everything on the home page for obvious reasons. Plus, you could miss opportunities wherein your customer does a comprehensive search.

However, unlike many sites, eBay and Amazon have categories, and each group you have a specific landing page for each item. Ideally, you should have the same thing on your website.

For Landing Page Optimization, Being Mobile-Friendly Is Essential

Everywhere you go, you can look around and see just about everyone surfing the internet on their phones or some mobile device. Online shopping has become the primary avenue consumers are using to make their purchases.

The landing page forms should make it very easy for the mobile user to provide their information.  By offering your potential customers simple means of communicating with your business gives them a piece of mind as well as a simple way to make their experience effortless.

When it comes to consumers and shopping, they want simplicity and efficiency when doing online transactions.

By making their experience easy, you are also motivating the customer to go the extra mile all while you improve website conversion rate.

Create a Decisive Call to Action

It may be time to consider changing your strategy if all you are using is “Submit” as your call to action. Calls to action strategies are dominant website design tricks needed on every landing page. The CTA play a vital role in whether a visitor sticks around and shops or “bounce.”

No matter how sharp your website looks, if you are not converting to sales, your online marketing plan will fail. Imagine walking into a store, and there are numerous types of product you may want, but no one there to help you. Then you see the shop next door that sales what you need, and its booming. What would you do stay or go to the store that is booking?

It will not matter how sharp your landing page optimization may be if you do not have a strong CTA. It is vital that you create powerhouse calls to action, using the strategy of “I want to…”

The CTA of your landing page should complete a sentence that starts with “I want to…” You do not have to necessarily include the words “I want to…” in your CTA, but a synonym will always get you high-converting landing pages.

Utilize ‘The Voice of the Customer’ in your Copy

For your landing page to succeed, it is important to consider design factors. However, the copy is just as important, if not more so. Using ‘the voice of the customer’ is one of the best ways to create a landing page.

The CTA of your landing page should complete a sentence that starts with “I want to…” You do not have to necessarily include the words “I want to…” in your CTA, but a synonym will always get you high-converting landing pages.

There is an abundance of marketing manuals available today on designing landing pages. However, most of these manuals are merely textbook strategies used for training purposes. Teaching procedures such as this are more common among employees at the entry level.

Control mood of customers

conversion rate optimization for ecommerce

However, it is more useful to speak to the customer using the language they can easily understand. It will also result in far more higher conversion rates.

The uses of a language that echoes on want, needs, and projections is a potent method to appeal to prospective clients. Determining the voice of your customer is a data-driven, experimental research process that finds out what your customer wants and why.

These then continue to plan your offering in such a way that it appeals directly to the customer’s desires.

Highlight every selling point from the view of the benefits that accumulate to the client and not how specialized the software can ever be.

Make use of ‘Power Words’ in the Copy of Your Landing Page

It is a powerful use of the voice of the customer on your landing page. However, combining the voice of the consumer with “power words” can help in improving your conversion. Using power words is more of structuring your web copy in a manner that appeals to the emotions of your visitor.

The trick involves more than the choice of words or the phrasing of the landing page. Your copy should accurately employ the fears of the customer which ultimately makes your text very useful in conversion.

Get Rid of Your Old Pages and Upgrade

This is where we bust out the big guns and propose a bold strategy in website designing trends; getting rid of your landing page altogether. That may seem crazy or counter-intuitive. However, in today’s web designs, it is not necessary to have prospects forced into a landing page at all.

Some new formats eliminate the necessity of a landing page that is currently available to advertisers. These new ad formats have proven to be much more efficient than the conventional funnel approach. That is contrary to the belief that they would hurt conversion rate.

For example, the Lead Generation cards in Twitter enable prospects to utilize offers from the ad itself directly.In today’s web marketing, marketers are caught up in a school of thought that is quickly becoming obsolete.

Being courageous enough to take the bold steps that will propel you ahead of your competition.

Maintain a Consistent Messaging Between Ads and Landing Pages

As much as this seems like a no-brainer, you will be intrigued by the number of advertisers who fail to do this. You may have a broken URL in your ad if what the ad promises does not translate to what the landing page delivers.

Your landing page should ideally match the ad which in turn translates to a relevant and predictable user experience.

Many advertisers just send tier PPC traffic to their homepage or even worse to their generic splash page. From a visual perspective, it is imperative to maintain a consistent messaging.

Drastically change your Sales Funnel

It is accurate to say that small optimizations make for little results. Font kerning and amending the colors of the buttons may give you the feeling that you are moving the needle. However, you will be wasting time and missing out on tremendous opportunities on high-converting landing pages.

website CRO

How to increase conversion rate?

For significant results, it is inevitable to execute substantial changes. One of the most important changes you can make is to adjust the sign-up flow of your landing page drastically.

Changing the sign-up flow of your landing page increases the conversion in the sense that it gives the feeling that the user is in control. This reinforces the belief that the user can determine their line of action without being coerced into decisions which may be rigid or linear.

Ensure that regardless of what happens to your sign-up flow, A/B tests them first so you can make the right decision from hard data

Try Call-Only Campaigns

This is another one among killer website design tricks that eliminates the need for a landing page. We have put this method on top of our list as it beats the others hands down. Especially when it comes to the ability to impact on how you convert.

Mobile website design

Best conversion websites on mobile

Users are on average more likely to convert from mobile rather than desktop SERP by a factor of nine.

The combination of the fact that there are three times as much clicks when it comes to calls for business, there is a viable reason for even eliminating the pages. These pages you can replace with Call-Only Campaigns.

“AdWords” call-only campaigns enable you to have a phone number that can incorporate as part of your ad.

This will replace the current URL which means that your ad will let potential clients and visitors directly call your business from your ad.

Try these Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

This article highlights landing page conversion optimization to increase your ROI.

By following these simple tips, you can be one step closer to establishing yourself as a leader in the online marketplace. Always remember that you need to stay on top of the market trends, update your site regularly, and allow people to share your content.


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