There many factors used by Google to determine the search engine ranking of your website.

Over the years, one particular factor that has taken center stage is Domain Authority. It is otherwise known as the website’s DA.

Ways to Increase Domain Authority

What is domain authority?

Moz domain company

Domain Authority is a metric that calculates the authority of a website. Moz developed this metric, known as Moz domain authority. However, other firms have developed similar metrics that rank the authority of a domain based on several factors.

PageRank is the franchise behind the idea of ranking domains with regards to their authority on the internet. One of Google co-founders, Larry Page, is the brainchild of PageRank which is still used to date. The domain authority of your website is also an ideal way to measure your search engine optimization efforts.

Moz compares your website’s strength as compared to the sites of your competitors. Before we go to the nitty-gritty of what you need to do to improve your website’s DA, several things are imperative to know. The following are the key facts you need to understand before you can improve your Domain Authority.

  • Primarily, DA is based on  many factors. However, most of these are link profile such as the number of backward links to your website and their rank in Domain Authority
  • Hitting 100 on Domain Authority number is tough. These are reserved for sites like Facebook and Google, and you should never be disappointed if you never hit that mark.
  • It is hard to have an influence on your Domain Authority directly. You cannot directly manipulate how you score on DA  as you can control on page search engine optimization.
  • A logarithmic scale is the basis of DA. It is, therefore, easier to move your DA score from 25 to 35 than it is to move it from 70 to 80. The higher you climb the DA scale, the more difficult it becomes to continue rising.

How Domain Authority Is Calculated

best techniques to increase domain authority


From the information by Moz, The following signals are among those taken into account:

  • Relevancy and quality of the incoming links
  • incoming links that are directed to the website
  • Quality of the content in your site
  • How popular your domain is and presence in social media networks among other social signals
  • The organic SEO ranking of your website

How to increase domain authority?

  1. Ensure that your technical SEO On Point

As a foundation, it is of absolute importance to take care of your technical SEO aspects. It may not look good to have your map or robots.txt out of the structure of an URL. However, you will not have effective SEO without these critical features.

First, the central component of the improvement effort of a Domain Authority is incorporating technical SEO. According to Moz, you will need to improve your SEO overall to improve your Domain Authority. These will include all the details loved and known by SEO such as navigability, URL structure, site structure, Meta tags, word count, alt tags, keywords, bread crumbs, etc.

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization are complimentary and require one another for optimum performance. Ensure that the SEO of your website is up to standard before you can continue to look for high DA.

  1. Create quality linkable content

Your content is one of the aspects that have an immediate impact upon the Domain Authority of your website. You have to create a lot of high-quality linkable content to have a successful content marketing campaign. For instance, creating articles or infographics on a daily basis will eventually pay off in a big way.

It may seem like much output, but that is is the content that will drive your business. However, you will not steer links by just creating content. It has to be high-quality content with value, power, and authority.

  1. Remove toxic backlinks

    how to increase domain authority

SEO will not always be grandeur and glory. There is the aspect of perusing through spreadsheets and the performance of mind-boggling work that could sometimes be repetitive. It is never a bed of roses to carry out these tasks, but at the end, it is worth it.

It is of critical importance that gets rid of the toxic backlinks in your website. Every once in a while, you go through your site and dig out the links that appear as spams and do away with them.  By cleaning your website on a regular basis, you will achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Although this is not an exercise that most webmasters are engaging in with any regularity, you should take it upon yourself to clean up. Most web owners only do the clean up after they go through the slump of an algorithm penalty or the even worse manual penalty.

Sanitize your link profile now and then at least on a monthly basis or twice a month and you will never have a penalty strike. Your DA will remain low if you have the best backlinks on planet earth and at the same time have a profile full of toxic link backs.

  1. Create a strong internal linking structure

Developing high-quality internal links is often overlooked as people tend to focus more on top notch backlinks. Internal links are of critical importance as backlinks for any high DA website. A robust network is created by internal links within your site.

These networks benefit both the search engines that roam and give your site an index as well as the user. Any website that does not have internal links is like a pebbles collection; weak and disconnected. By adding internal links, it converts the pebbles into concrete which is interconnected, robust and unbreakable.

One of the benefits of having more content is that you will have a wider base to add links to. Moreover, the more you can add internal links, the more powerful and dense website network you will have.

  1. Verify that your website is mobile friendly and optimized

    increasing domain authority

In today’s world, most internet users access the web through mobile gadgets. You will be way behind if your website is not optimized for mobile devices. You will lose a lot of audiences when they realize that your site is not properly accessed through their tablet or smartphone.

Having a site that is not mobile-friendly will also significantly reduce your rankings on mobile search engines. With the smartphone technology accessible to over 70% of the world’s population by the year 2025, it is paramount to have your website mobile optimized.

  1. Increase your website loading speed

Your bounce rate can be significantly affected by a slow loading speed negatively. Most internet users lose patience with a site that takes lots of time to load. The user might as well end up leaving your website when patience is not rewarded.

Google has a tool known as PageSpeed which you can use to check the loading speed of your website, PageSpeed analyzes the speed and gives some ways in which you can increase the loading speed of your particular website. This results in a much-improved user experience and can help improve domain authority.


Having Domain Authority for your website for several reasons is important.  It gives you the ability to determine the performance of your site holistically. It also allows you to see where you stand with your competitors as you can also see the score of your competitors.

You can also point out other sites which are worth linking to yours by determining their Domain Authority score. All this will assist to bring in traffic to your website.

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