The design and implementation of developing a website can be very daunting. Just the sheer nature and amount of new acronyms and techniques being devised on a daily basis can create confusion.

This is especially the case if you are a beginner. Even for professionals, keeping up to date is very critical in this very dynamic industry.

When it comes to web design training courses, there are various approaches available. They can either be free, paid, interactive, or non-interactive while others are based on video and others on texts.

learn web design

Just figuring out which is the best platform or even which sources are best to learn to build a website online for free can sometimes be an uphill task. We have compiled the best 11 sources to learn online to make things much easier for you. All these sources feature advice and instruction from the leading experts.

  1. Learn how to create a web page basics using Treehouse video service

treehouse learning

how to make a web page by treehouse


Treehouse is a video-based service where you can learn website design. It offers training in CSS and HTML, the creation of iOS applications using Objective-C, Xcode and web development which includes JavaScript and HTML5.

All these services are available in a clear interface which is very easy to navigate. There is a subscription fee charged by Treehouse for providing its services. Treehouse videos are produced in a very professional manner, and there are lots of lessons to learn from them.

These lessons cover all the aspects of web development and designing. Apart from the top-notch content provided, Treehouse also offers a game element that puts you to the test on what you have been learning and has achievement badges as a reward. Treehouse will always be a great site for those who need extra motivation to learn professional website design.

  1. Don’t Fear the Internet and Conquered developing a website

Illustrator and freelance typographer Jessica Hische is the brainchild behind Don’t Fear the Internet. The platform is aimed at people who have little or no desire to develop an ecommerce website.

Don’t Fear the Internet is ideal for the non-professionals who do not need an ugly cookie-cutter site presenting their work. You will learn on how to take a basic blog anchored on WordPress, and manipulate the HTML, CSS and in some cases the PHP to match your needs. Don’t Fear the Internet will always be an excellent place to begin if you are the type who is scared off by terminologies of making a website but is attracted to the idea of a more casual and humored approach to learning web design.

This online platform is free of charge. Donations are always welcomed.

  1. W3Schools courses

While many online web designing training platforms look attractive, welcoming and colorful complete with colorful graphics, W3Schools is a bit boring and flat at first look. However, do not be discouraged or put off. If you intend to begin from the most elementary and fundamental lessons to learn professional web designing in CSS and HTML, the platform will give you interactive tutorials which are very progressive.

However, do not be discouraged or put off. If you intend to begin from the most elementary and fundamental lessons to learn professional web designing in CSS and HTML, the platform will give you interactive tutorials which are very progressive.

website designing Courses

The tutorials provide a plain and straightforward explanation for everything you need to know and will let allows you to markup directly on the online platform. This enables you to see the effect that the smallest changes can make the appearance of a web page in your browser.

The site will provide a very straightforward, user-friendly and free of charges way to get going for the beginner who does not have the basics of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

  1. Code School

The approach to learning online design used by Code School is to assist users to learn through coding via interactive videos.

 Users gain access to all the site’s areas and the training content for only 25 US dollars a month.


learning online designing

Apart from individual enrollment, Code School also has the option of business subscription where entire teams are offered training courses. Big names like NASA and IBM have taken advantage of the offer to have their staff learn website creation.

  1. Rails for Zombies

Everyone who looks to learn how to design a website starts by studying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript first. However, for those who want to build applications, they will be far much better off by starting with a framework for web applications and Ruby on Rails comes on handy. Rails on a zombie is usually a taller order than learning markup for websites. The site makes it even easier and lots of fun to learn to design with.

The site also takes you through 5 zombie adventures where each of the adventures follows an exercise by programming rails. Rails for Zombies is also free of charge.

  1. StackOverflow

This is not a site where you will learn web design directly. However, StackOverflow is a very resourceful site for anyone who is willing to learn any of the internet design languages. StackOverflow is simply an online platform which has a forum for questions and answers where some of the best website designers in the world give up some of their time to assist those who have been stuck.

learn website design

This site will always be a good platform if you cannot seem to get your head around some designing languages that you have been learning. The site will also help you if you are stuck with some code that you have written and does not run. At StackOverflow, you will get advice from some of the sharpest minds in the online design industry.


This is a short course that is fast-paced for the ones who are interested in designing courses but are not sure where to start. is hosted by Mark Lassoff and has an introduction to web page designing and development that is engineered to give you a web developer’s life preview. The platform will introduce you to JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS by using code samples, lab exercises, and fast-paced pictures.

The site will teach you the techniques that professional designers use every day. You can sign up for free if you use the link provided but the price for its course is $59.

There are many companies which are finding best website designers over the world, So this is the time to learn about designing and get a place in one of them.

  1. Google Code University

Google Code University is a platform offered by Google to learn web designing and lessons in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Using video tutorials that are created by developers from Google’s, Google Code University presents a source to learn web design by offering the basics. It is also an ideal place for beginners to start their online training.

  1. Opera web standard Curriculum

Developers who work for the Opera browser came up with this free and resource used to learn web design that they also maintain. Opera web standard Curriculum is a very comprehensive and free resource that gets you started by offering the basics of design and web standards. The site is not visually seductive and is based on plain text.

However, this learning source has lively writings which are very easy to follow.


This site offers a variety of tutorials that are video based, and you can easily learn from it the basics of designing for a monthly fee. has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web as it was launched in 1995.

online courses from on designing your own website

The site also produces videos, books, and documentaries on the basics of web design and development. You can also learn more from its pool of free tutorials. also prides to be a source of training videos in online design that are very authoritative.

  1. Webdesigntuts+

This site offers a broad range of tutorials on a wealth of topics in web designing and development free of charge.

If you are seeking more content, you can go ahead and access the premium version at a premium fee. Webdesigntuts+ is part of a big network called the Tuts+ network. This system includes WP Tuts that has tutorials on WordPress and PSD Tuts for tutorials on Photoshop.

learning guides from Webdesigntuts

Conclusion for learning about to design a website

We are positive that you will make an informed decision whenever you want to get website designing skills and development because cheap web design can create an adverse impact on your learning skills.

Whatever site you choose will depend on how far you want to go with web development skills. You also may want to learn skills that will back up your diploma or degree and leverage your position to employers.




















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