Updated 2019 Local SEO Ranking Factors Checklist

If you want your business to succeed and dominate the local market then getting to grips with the factors that are influencing Local Dallas SEO rankings in 2019 is crucial.

By getting the best possible search rankings for your company, you can help your business grow, and promote your products and services to customers within your area.

It is an essential marketing component for companies that want to make sure consumers are aware of their company and their offerings online when searching for specific products or services.

Local SEO Ranking Factors For Owners of Business

With over 60% of all searches conducted on mobile devices being analyzed to include names of places, SEO has never been more vital. Having visibility is your local area can be life and death for some businesses.

Because increased competition in a small geographical area can often put a massive dent in profit margins, understanding the 2019 local SEO ranking factors is genuinely a core survival strategy.

Doing a Local SEO audit and analysis

Before getting into the grind of local search engine optimization rankings, as a business, you should be able to establish what parts of your website or landing page do not meet best practice standards.

This will help you get a deeper understanding of where your business currently stands, and it is lacking and how you can improve.

Also, this will provide you with much-needed insight into your competitors so that you can apply all the techniques that will push your listing above theirs.

factors for ranking in local seo search

SEO will be a significant factor to help market your business

Getting new business with Local SEO

There are many reasons for favoring the implementation of local SEO strategies.

Here are some of them:

  • Significant numbers of people conduct searches within your city.
  • Large percentages of Google searches are more in searchers area.
  • Local search is used primarily to find business information and contact details which can mean a huge chunk of searchers are likely looking and ready to buy.
  • Many local mobile searches often lead to offline purchases.
  • Local search marketing is very targeted and timely.
  • Gives higher conversion levels than most local advertising channels.

It is reported that over half US mobile queries is a local search and roughly over 85% of people use their mobile device when they are on the move.

What’s an even more impressive statistic is that over 90% of mobile users search for local information on their phones and they tend to be looking to engage with businesses.

The basics of optimizing for local search

search engine optimization for local

The online marketing approach to SEO within your city is very targeted which makes it possible for you to position your business on search engines and other digital marketing platforms in a way that guarantees broader visibility.

Local marketing uses a variety of strategies. Securing high rankings on search engines like Google and business directories such as Yelp is critical. Scores of consumers use local search every day to find the best businesses in their area so optimizing your pages can help increase your chances of getting noticed by potential customers.

Research hyperlocal keywords

This is one of the fundamentals. Remember, when people are out in your are shopping or looking for particular services, the first thing they are going to do is run a quick search on their mobile device. This means if your web pages are already optimized much of that traffic will be driven your way. All you will then need to focus on is providing clients with the best customer experience.

You should never forget that if it so happens that customers searching for services and products cannot find your business, chances will be that they will indeed find your competitors. One of the most reliable tools for keyword research is AdWords Keyword Planner. To provide the most helpful result, you should consider using a combination of short and long-tail keywords. Never underestimate the advantages of understanding the Best SEO Tools to use.

Optimize content for local keywords

If the content on your website has not been optimized for local search, then this is one of the basics you have to cover. Content optimization can include things like meta descriptions, tags and alternative descriptions on your web pages.

Another critical step is to make sure that your web pages are optimized for local keywords. This is critical because it influences your 2019 local search Ranking Factors.

What you need to ensure, is that while optimizing the content on your site for your selected keywords, you also maintain the focus on quality and not quantity. Keyword stuffing can be detrimental to your search engine ranking efforts. Limit the use of keywords to the critical sections of your content such as titles, subheadings and the initial paragraphs of your material.

Keyword Density

Although there no real fixed keyword density specific to follow, try and aim for around the 1% mark. So for instance, if your article has around 500 words then ideally your keyword should appear about five times across the length of the content piece.

Effectively try and use tools to measure if you are keyword use is in line with the 2019 Local SEO Ranking Factors. For example,  on our site for Dallas web design business, we do not repeat the same terms over and over again.

Keep Business NAP Listings updated

A NAP listing is any listing on the internet where the name, address, and phone number of your business is shown. The trick here is to ensure that your NAP listings all have consistent information. This will help optimize your local search ranking a great deal.

Also, you never want potential customers to be annoyed because they could not contact you at the right number or find your location. Consumers support businesses which take the time to do the little things that enrich their overall buying journey. Make sure your social media accounts are also kept up-to-date.

Claim your Google Places for Business Page

This free listing can help tremendously when it comes to optimizing your pages. You need to keep this updated with your current contact details, opening times, address and other relevant details. Google local business listing optimization should not be overlooked.

If you can ensure that all categories are filled in correctly including categories which describe your business offering, this also helps your business to get indexed in mapping data, allowing your customers to find you with higher accuracy.

Embrace customer reviews

If you are not encouraging customers to leave feedback on your pages listings, then it can be safe to say perhaps you have some doubt about the quality of the service you are providing.

You may not be aware that reviews are one of the most significant marketing factors.

They have the same power of influence when it comes to ranking on Google.

customer reviews

Customer’s feedback will help your business grow


If you want your listings to stand out, then you should undoubtedly consider soliciting reviews as part of your SEO for local businesses.

This can also push you and your team to live up to those values of excellent customer service and quality product delivery standards required for entrepreneurs and small business to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.

Separate business listings for different locations

If your business operates in different areas, you should have a separate listing for each of your physical locations to optimize for local google search.

This helps to direct customers to the right locations within their immediate proximity. It is also advisable to optimize the pages on your website so that they can become more visible in local searches.

Don’t forget to embed a map on your contact us page or other listings which have the feature because this will also boost your results.

Summary: Local Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors

SEO has become a critical element of marketing since consumers do not use the yellow pages as much as they used to and instead turn to Google for faster, more convenient and up-to-date listings. For local search rankings, many things have to be considered if your business is to rank high on search engine result pages.

Some of the essential things to remember and incorporate into your SEO checklist include:

  • Claim your Google My Business Page.
  • Name, address, and phone on the website should match Google Places.
  • Making sure you optimize Title Tags and have Clean URLs.
  • No duplicate content.
  • Your website should be mobile responsive.
  • Have a blog on your site where you share insights with your customers to keep them engaged and updated.
  • Set up a Google+ Profile and be active on it. Remember, Google always loves Google.
  • Install Google Analytics Snippets.
  • Have menus that can be indexed.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Restructure your site is that it is entirely optimized for easy navigation.
  • Install the necessary plug-ins to enable better functionality.
  • Create localized content so that the customers within your local market which you are targeting can have a personal identification with your brand.
  • Optimize on-page elements and tracking results.
  • Acquire citations.
  • Optimize your logo and other images.
  • Add town, county, city, or state service pages to your website.
  • Build genuine backlinks but producing shareable content and build relationships with credible sites but try to submit your content to niche specific sites.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews but make sure that you are delivering great products and services because this can backfire. Also, make sure you make it easy for clients to your pages or listings. If weary of slander you can always moderation functions on your blog.
  • Ensure that your business listings are consistent and that spellings, addresses, and phone numbers are kept accurate in Google Places.
  • If you have operations in multiple locations within a district or province make sure you have separate listings for individual locations where necessary.
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools. This will make sure that Google crawls your site correctly.
  • Use sites such as Yelp, Bing, and ExpressUpdate to create and claim listings and use Foursquare to claim your venue. Also, submit your listings to Hyperlocal Directories.

Why Dallas business owners need to act now

client business meeting

This guide and review are meant to assist Texas business owners that want to see a higher ROI on their marketing spend.

The search components we explored are some of the many things you need to consider as a small business.

This is the one sure way of ensuring you are staying ahead of your competition and guaranteed to grow your market share locally.

The question of finding the time to get it all right when you are so busy running your small enterprise is one that comes up often. However, you do not have to worry. The best companies appreciate that it is a worthy investment to make for the incredible results they get in return. Excellent SEO Management is one of the most important things to do for a better online presence.

Hiring an experienced professional to help your businesses rank higher should be a strong consideration.

Make sure to do your research on local marketing companies.

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