Your Website Defines Your Company

Nowadays, to be successful, it is imperative for your organization to have a modern website design that is not only engaging and attractive but easy to navigate as well.

Your site is the window inside your business for the world to see what it is you have to offer.

Should You Hire a Website Developer Locally or Do It Yourself?

If your site is developed and designed by a professional with your success in mind, you should see a rise in traffic flow and an increase in your bottom line.

Web design is a tricky business. One day the strategies may work one way and the next day things change, the internet moves fast.

hire a website designer near me

Your site is merely a branch of you and your company. You want more online traffic and higher search engine results to improve website conversion rate. Your site can bring in more money than you ever dreamed possible. With all this at stake, why would you risk it all by hiring a company that you can’t sit at a conference table with because they are in a different country? Hire a local website developer because it will give you a lot of benefits. 

Before you begin a web project, you will have to decide whether to hire a local developer or choose a remote firm. The more you research, you will find there are advantages to both. However, just because something is cheaper or easier to obtain doesn’t always mean it is the right choice. 

So, what is the right choice? A globally known organization with hundreds of corporate clients? A national team servicing dozens of clients? Hiring a large design firm so that you will have a stellar developer is not always the case.  

When a large developer has hundreds of clients, it can mean their calendars are full which often leads to smaller companies not getting the attention they need and deserve. Probably not what you would want or need for a new site, right? So you need to find a designer within your budget.

Frequent Communication Is Important

For your site to function to its fullest, a significant amount of communication between you and the development consultant is necessary. If there is a constant flow of communication between both parties, the designer will better understand the expected requirements of your site.

The more efficiently the parties are at translating these expectations as well as working out details, the more effective the designer will be at delivering. Frequent communication ensures needed changes will take place promptly providing satisfaction to all parties involved.  

communication is important in hiring a development company

Nothing will slow production down as quickly as the lack of communication. If your design team hits a roadblock that needs your input before they can continue and you are in a six-hour different time zone, you have just lost one full day of productivity.  

After a few of days like this, your project will become stagnant and pushed to the back burner. It may not be this way with all outsourced designers, but, time is usually a large issue with coordinating with companies halfway around the globe.

You may get lucky and able to hire a freelance web designer that doesn’t mind working nights just to coordinate with your day-time schedule, but, I doubt it. When there is a significant time-gap, errors in communication can be catastrophic. One small missed detail on your site can be a costly mistake to your bottom line.

With local web designers, you know their time zone, their office hours, and you also know if nothing else, you can email or text them at 8:00 am your time and have your answer in a few hours-tops.  When time is of the essence, a couple of hours can change the entire course of a site.  Ask yourself, do I need a web designer near me? The answer should be, yes.

Hiring a web developer within your city is an advantage because you have the option of getting results right away and not have to wait twelve hours try to conduct network calls at midnight.  

HELP, I need a website designer!

Every business owner that has done even the smallest monthly search on “how to hire a good web designer” knows there is a bazillion freelance web builders in foreign countries that offer their talents for a lot less than what your local company advertises.

Overseas teams will more than likely take you as their client but not have the means to provide you with excellent content. Content is something they will expect from you to proceed. Because of the language barrier, outsourcing can run into material sounding jumbled and not well put together.   

i need a website designer to grow

Having an understanding of this upfront will help you while interviewing web designers as well. Be sure to ask the firms you interview where and how they obtain their content. The last thing you want is to lock yourself in with a small budget only to be forced to find expensive content writers or get stuck with poor quality content.        

Hiring a local design agency will enable you to communicate the following better:

  • The need for content
  • The different varieties of content
  • How your content should rank
  • How often to make changes

Another plus is you both will understand terms and “puns” if you speak the same language while understanding your culture.   

With concerns about language barriers, comes the same concerns for the difference in cultural obstacles. While most international designers who offer their services to U.S. business’ can communicate in English, however, conveying your desires, concepts, and ideas through a webcam may be a bit trying.

The words may sound the same, yet the meaning and spelling be different. The slightest difference will make communication, language, and descriptives awkward.  For instance, if you have a food service business and you specialize in pizza, an outsourced designer may know what pizza is but have issues writing about it in your language and with your concept.

You Need A Developer That Understands Your Brand

What to look for in a web developer?

There is much debate regarding outsourcing a web designer on whether or not the real vision and idea of a brand will be reflected. The debate stems from the fact that different countries hold different values for different products.

An example of this would be the hype surrounding the sport of football and baseball in America.

This means nothing in other nations, such as India. Therefore, if you have a company that ultimately relies on an American audience, an outsourced designer may not understand the impact.        

work with a local website developer

Working with a web development company in your area is the best choice you can make


When searching for a company, it is critical that they understand what it is you do, why you do it, and how you do it. If your history and knowledge are about the same, then chances are you will both fall on the same page with an idea.

The concept of your site is to exploit your brand. You want to get it out there and make it known for the world to see and invest in your company. Hiring a web design company within your area will establish a strategy or a plan for business branding that will not only be effective but will also be a necessity for you and your business.       

For this to happen, the person behind the web development of your site needs to understand where you’re coming from and what it is you need to succeed as an organization. By hiring locally, you’re already ahead. Your agency choice will already be familiar with what works and doesn’t work in your industry.

There will be nothing more damaging than hiring an agent that has zero knowledge of what it is you do. You need someone familiar with your region, knows what does and doesn’t work in design, and an in-depth understanding of the individual types that will access your site.     

Trusting your company to a local design firm to create your site not only guarantees they have knowledge of your area and what customers to entice but they may already be familiar with your brand.  Having this understanding up-front is a significant advantage and will save you many hours in the beginning steps.   

You Want Complete Service From Website Companies

It’s no secret that the target selling point for outsourcing a freelance web designer is hands-down the cost. If you spend a lot of time online, you can locate an overseas designer who will submit a price typically less than half of the price you can expect to pay for a designer or developer within your city.

For some business owners, this may be the deal breaker. However, be careful when you base your site and its capabilities on price alone. So how much does it cost to hire someone to build a site? The truth is, you are going to pay more for a local designer, but for a good reason.

hire a website designer

Hiring a local web designer is worth every penny


Typically with native web designers, you get a full package deal that you can’t get by outsourcing, such as being available to discuss your project anytime and with a clear understanding. If you want a sit-down meeting, that is part of the package as well.      

If problems surface, your designer is available for your time, and your level; you will not appreciate this scenario until you are in the position of having no other choice. Remember how frustrated you get when you call a customer service number and not understand the person on the other end?  

The package you receive from a local developer not only reflects all the talent they bring to the table but also their level of service they extend to their customers. Both are worth its weight in gold.

If you have a small project that requires little work and attention on a low budget, outsourcing may be for you. But, if you need a team or an individual that will guide you from the beginning and will stay for as long as you need them, then choosing a designer within your city is your best bet.    

You Need Confidence, Security, Support, and Service

Having the confidence and security that comes from working with a local designer is impossible to have with outsourcing. Most local designers have an array of clients you can contact that will supply you with honest recommendations and reviews.

By doing so is an excellent way to ensure the firm you are working with is legit and provides the latest technology and tools your site will need to be successful. Also, you will have protection from the laws that can protect you if there were any disputes regarding your project.

customer support

Hire web developer that provides customer support


Conducting technical interviews before choosing an overseas agency can help ensure your site is secure but what happens if there is a conflict that arises mid-project? Working with an offshore company provides you with no protection if the project takes a wrong turn.

One other advantage of hiring locally is the ability to receive post-launch services and support you will need in the future. When you employ a professional web designer, you should receive a service level agreement which covers many issues that might occur once the project is complete.  

Service agreements such as this provide some ongoing services such as digital marketing and SEO which will continue to boost your site. Perhaps the most significant concern of outsourcing website work is the level of security with both the legal and the technical aspect.


There are many factors to consider when you are deciding between a website developer locally or outsourcing to a freelance job site. There is more to consider than just the cost. The best thing you can do is sift through the different factors and choose the best option for you and your company.   

If you choose to outsource, you will need to embrace the issues surrounding working with someone with a different understanding than you and in a different time zone leading to many delays.

Working with a professional local design team offers you security and will help the process run a lot smoother. You will be able to go in the right direction needed to receive the best return on your investment. Just do your homework and keep in mind the famous Red Adair words, “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you employ an amateur.”

Find out today how much does it cost to build a site for a small business.


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