Memorable logos are created with skillful application, creative theory, and expert design skills. Typically a logo, it’s the first way that a business can relay the message of their brand to a customer.

Logo design and branding is key

It is imperative for your company to go through a thorough process of research and exploration nail the design.

Here are 23 important factors you should consider during the process of your logo design branding solution.

Understanding Your Competition

Competitive Analysis

A great logo design requires research of your target market. You can get ideas by familiarizing yourself with designs used by competitors in your niche. This should help you with your creation process. However, you must remember to portray the unique message of your brand avoid copying other ideas.

However, you must remember to portray the unique message of your brand avoid copying other ideas.

Advice Questions

Question AnswerYour brand should include your strategy as a business.

You can get a sense for logo designs by tapping into your strategic questions. It helps to ask what makes you different, what you value and why you are here. These questions will help influence the type of visuals used in the creation of your logo.

Staying Flexible

Once you ask questions surrounding your strategic profile, reflect on creating logos that combine the outcomes for each question.

It is important to remain flexible and genuine. There may be some small gray area between your final logo design and your strategy as a business. Obviously, moving to visualization from the concept is easier said than done. In the end, you probably won’t be able to incorporate all of the cool logo ideas that you come up with.

Respect Heritage

Designers will sometimes want to reinvent an older logo.

This steps into the boundary of the heritage of a brand. An artist should show respect to the message and legacy of an c.

Taking a logo concept and changing it after it’s become familiar four years may be a mistake for a business. People become accustomed to the presence of a logo design they see on a regular basis.

Design Branding

Logo Design Branding

Team working on branding design inspiration


When you are considering your brand and message, you must remember your logo is only one component of your overall message.

Potential customers may come in contact with your brand in other ways. You should keep this fact in mind when you’re thinking about how to come up with a logo and understand it’s only one facet of your overall message.

The Right Typeface Is Imperative

You’ll find this logo design factor in any 101 class. The typeface used for your logo is one of its most important aspects.

For years, sans-serif has dominated design. Typography that veers from this sacred font is probably not a very good idea. However, if you are a big corporation, you may get away with this.

Show Your Personality

Logo design theory includes having your personality present. It adds imagination, flavor and sparks the interest of someone who is engaging with your company for the first time.

what makes a good logo design

It’s best if you keep this aspect congruent to your industry and branding message. Smart logo creation tips indicate that you can be more flamboyant with your logo if you are participating in an exciting industry — match your style and personality with your niche.

Typography and Uniqueness

You can’t get around the fact that Coca-Cola has had a symbolic logo for many years. It does not adhere to typical logo concept.

It does not adhere to typical logo concept ideals. You will usually find companies using sans-serif typography in their logo designs. If Coca-Cola decided to change their logo crowds would appear and revolt. It takes a great designer to pull off what they have, but you can throw many design guidelines out the window if you end up creating a powerful, unique logo as they have.

Logo Typography and Uniqueness

Letter Design Ideas

When correctly designed, the initials of a company can form a great-looking logo. However, understanding how to implement the technique during the logo design process is best left to an expert. They may have to experience interlocking letters and creating a statement with their design. You can give this idea a try when you are exploring different types of graphics for your business.

Using Entire Typeface When Developing

Designer logos can also be created to represent your business. Bespoke type design takes advantage of the full typeface. These kinds of logos can intertwine personality into the logotype. This style is unique and may be suitable for your logo if your brand matches an appropriate category.

bespoke logo

Representing business, that it is related to a property.

Stick to the Basics

If you read just about any design article, you’ll find one of the tips they always recommend is to stick with the basics and make your logos simple.

Take Nike for example, their logo is recognized by millions of individuals throughout the world, and it is created with just a simple swoosh. Try removing elements out of your logo to see if it looks better without them.

Nike Logo

Design Using Shapes and Psychology

Shape psychology should be used when you are creating a company logo.

However, this does not mean a lightbulb should be included in a logo to signify an idea — that’s cheesy and too dull. When considering shape, explore different types of angles. The sharpness and curves used in your logo can transcend the barriers of language and culture according to Kandinsky.

Creating With Structure and Master Grids

Designing a logo is often done with the aid of a grid. This helps when creating and making sure you follow the rules of the Golden ratio. When following typical branding guidelines and implementing Master grids, it helps the project flow and results in a final graphic designer logo that is symmetrically sound.

Using Negative DesignSpace

Two great examples where negative space has been used to enhance their logos is the NBC peacock and the hidden arrow located between the “e” and “x” in the FedEx graphic. This takes experience and must be incorporated into the brand identity development process to ensure it looks great. Branding and identity design can be enhanced when negative space is used in a meaningful way.


fedex logo

brand logo with name example

NBC Logo

NBC Peacock Brand


Humor and Wit

When humor and wit are used, it can lead to people smiling. Introducing humor into your logo can place personality inside of your brand. By designing a logo that includes your quirky or funny developing, you’ll provide another chance to engage with the customers who follow your brand.

Designing With the Color Wheel

The colors you select are an important factor.

color wheel for designing

Brand identity design process using a color wheel.


When you’re going through the process of logo creation, pleasing colors should be employed. A color wheel helps professionals during the logo design branding process. Complementary color schemes can be determined by utilizing a color wheel. Using this tool is an excellent idea when a person is creating logos.

Managing Color Schemes

When used excessively, complementary colors can be intense. These type of schemes are often used by companies who want to provide a vibrant theme and message. In comparison, if your company has a soft, gentle identity, you would want to use a branding and identity design created with soft colors.

Tips To Control Mood

There are a few tips designers use to control the mood of the customer. The first tip is to utilize vibrant, energetic color such as red or yellow if you want to make a strong statement. The second tip is to stay with cooler colors like green and blue if you want to exude a feeling that’s calm or reserved.

good or bad options

Understand the difference between logo and brand identity

Paying Attention To Color Trends

The use of color can make or break a logo design. Designing a logo to be unique can be done by using nontypical colors outside of the trend. Often, green is associated with businesses in the financial sector. If you are a brand associated with this industry, you might try standing out from the crowd by incorporating a unique color into the design of your company logo.

Designing In Black and White

Color is often used in designing. However, black and white logo creations can stand out if they are developed by a professional. Choosing only black and white colors will be more striking if you can convey some other type of meaning. The shapes and swirls you use for your logo can help with the process for this.

A Second Opinion Helps Choose The Best Design

It’s a good idea to have a few other people put their eyes on your logo after it’s been created. This may help you avoid hidden meanings, words or innuendos you might have missed when evaluating your logo. Great design branding will only include the message your brand wants to convey.

Your Total Message

You create a stronger engagement with your customers when you keep a consistent message throughout your brand identity. Your logo should fit in and complement other areas where you have a voice.

upgrade your logoBringing Static Graphics Alive

Static letters on a page can be boring. You may want to consider bringing your logo alive by animating letters. This can be done by using the first letters of your company name. It can create a unique experience when someone first sees your logo. You can experiment with this to create different logo styles. One of those styles may reflect your business the best.


Ready For a New Logo or an Upgrade?

To get started with your logo design, consider contacting one of our expert designers. They can help you evaluate concepts and ideas, and ensure it fits your branding message.

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