Each website designer has their style of building sites that separates them from the rest. Creating a great website requires more than just a sleek logo and following the basic principles of website design.

No matter what unique strategy a designer uses, these elements presented here are necessary to build a successful modern website.

From easy navigation to the “about us” page, each has their purpose for making a list. These features may seem basic, but they are powerful when you are creating a cutting-edge design.

When it comes to how important each aspect is to your site, you first need to understand what your customers want or expect.

Consumers need minimalistic designs, simplicity, direction,  and overall a great user experience or UX. Do not forget, most of your users are on mobile devices.

In other words, they want to be able to find what they want–when they want it. And, as a potential paying customer, why shouldn’t they? I am not saying to throw out the elements of good web design, but stay current with today’s best practices. Gone are the days of flat design.

Here is a list of design trends to watch:

  • WhiteSpace
  • Simple Responsive Navigation
  • About Us
  • Contact Information
  • Sign-up or CTA
  • Search Bar
  • Informational Footer
  • Button Style
  • Amazing Images
  • Web Fonts

White space is a web design trend

Space is a valuable design tool. It is the current hit with UX designers trend and style.

It determines everything including, readability and flow.

Modern web designers are starting to use whitespace in ways you didn’t see on websites ten years ago.

Today, more designs include enlarged spacing between text, vast spaces, and a general use of full open space.

In other words, it is the parts left empty, or clean.

It’s the crucial area in between gutters, margins, and columns. Even the lines between figures that provide optical breathing room for the eye.

Does anyone use white space better than apple?

Ok, maybe the Google homepage is clean too.

apple is the king of modern web design

White space not only helps brand a design, but it also creates balance and harmony while leading the reader from one section to another.


White space is a trending element of design for good reason.

If used wisely and correctly, it can alter a design and deliver many benefits to your website. Different types of web design layouts entice people to read more while being easy on the eyes.

  • Increases Content Legibility
  • More Interaction
  • A Tidy Site Equals an Impressive Site
  • Ability to Highlight CTA’s
  • Acts as a Separator for a clean website
  • Creates Creative Balance

And, you want this to happen while leading the reader from one section to another.

The aim here is to make a website look uncluttered and straightforward.

Your site should offer an outline atmosphere that the reader will appreciate and enjoy.

Simple Navigation is an Important Web Design Element

Website navigation is vital when it comes to cleanly designed sites.

What good is it to have an amazing website if customers can’t locate the information they need?

Makgoods modern website design examples

Quality navigation is a necessity when it comes to designing an effective web design, especially for mobile.

It is needed so that your users can explore the site with ease instead of sending them on a hidden treasure hunt. Simple navigation will keep your guest happier as they maneuver through your site and return time and again.

Chances are they won’t take the time to dig around your website and will “bounce.” A bounce is when someone only sees a single page rather than viewing other pages on the site.

If the traffic that arrives at your site thinks it is too difficult to navigate, they won’t linger long. Your bounce rate will be high and your time on page will suffer, as will your sales.

Here are five reasons simple navigation should be used:

  • Decreased Bounce Rate and Increased Duration On Site
  • Product Purchases
  • Short and To-The-Point
  • Overall Creative Clean Web Design
  • Serial Position Effect

Your site Should Display Who You Are

Every website should start with the basics.  Whether you are are using WordPress for your web design, or building a design from scratch, clients want to know who YOU are.

When a visitor to your site navigates to your “About us” page, they are on a mission. Users go there on a fact-finding mission wanting the “scoop” on your company.

If you don’t have an “about us” page and your site speaks of the services or product, you are selling you and your website short.

Today’s consumers want to know much more about you. They want to feel a connection with who they give their money to for what it is you have to offer.

sleek and modern contact us page example

The “About Us” is the Personality Element of a Modern Web Design


One of the most basic pieces of info people are seeking, is who you are and how you got where you. Y

our “About Us” page is an outstanding way to convey these details.

The “About Us” section can provide confidence to understand that you and your business possess the skills and experience they can trust. Consumers need to know you can solve their problems.

Your “About Us” page should answer the following questions:

  • Who are we?
  • When did we start?
  • How did we make it here to this point?
  • What do we stand for?

Your online presence is all about interactions with people and building relationships.

The more you interact, the simpler it will be to develop relationships with your readers.

And, eventually, the visitor will become customers. In fact, Google considers an about us page foundational.

Customers Feel Safe Knowing There is a “Contact Us” Option

There are two common ways the contact us form or page appears on websites.

One is a page providing a form to complete, and the other is through the main navigation or header.

Depending on your site, both options may perform well.

The goal is to make it easy to be contacted.

Providing a current phone number and a legitimate physical address is vital.

Make sure all the information is updated. It only takes a customer calling one time and finding the number has changed and not available for them to move on.

By providing current details or a form containing a way to contact the site adds legitimacy to your website.

It adds frustration for visitors to seek a way to locate you and your information not obtainable.

Why add this feature?

  • Makes it simple for users to connect with you
  • Connect with clients
  • By providing these details, it helps the customer feel you are trustworthy
  • Feedback: Provides a way for your guests to leave you feedback
  • Questions: This form provides a means to contact you with questions or concerns they may have involving your business.
  • Service: If your company sells a product or service consumers can use this to request more information.
  • Consistency on all devices

Now, are you beginning to see how these elements all play an essential role?

This feature is a must-have on every website. Keep reading to learn more elements needed for an effective web design.

Focus on The Value Your Sign-up or Call to Action Provides

Ok, so now that you have put all this work into your website, customers need direction.

The only thing standing in the way of you and greatness is your sign-up form or call to action.

Make sure you give what you promise in your call to action

Evernote’s web design trend of SIMPLE leaves no doubt about the CTA.


While several key components go into a tried and true sign-up form, one of the most vital is a bright, simple button that shouts, “Click Me!”

We’re talking about the call to action button.

That is the only thing standing in the way of you and a client.

When developing your CTA on your sign-up form is the MVP of your website. It is the one element that will make or break the odds of converting website users into customers.

It is essential to keep away from taking shortcuts and make these details “stand out” for visitors to see.

  • Size
  • Length
  • Creative Voice
  • Tone
  • Color
  • Descriptive Language
  • Responsive designs
  • Exclusivity

Every site must have a compelling call to action.

Remember, your CTA protocol is not where you want to cut corners. By applying these principles, you will begin seeing your sales soar.

Is that Search Box Important in Modern Graphic Design?

The search box is a universal little fellow. Yes, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind with a sleek modern design.

But, do not overlook this simple feature.  If you are second guessing why you need a search box, ask yourself this question, “how did I arrive at this website?”

If we are doing our job right, you more than likely got here through a search…right?

search box is an essential good web design element

One doesn’t roam around the internet and accidentally stumble upon the content they need.

It is highly feasible that somewhere during a browsing session you searched for something and wah-la, here you are.

However, you got here there was this one thing that helped you along the way; a little tool called the search box.

Having a search option on your site helps your visitors find what they need. No this is not a trend, it is here to stay.

But, did you know it also keeps you updated on what consumers are shopping for on your site?

A search box is a powerful design tool that should be carefully integrated into your web design.

If your site is e-commerce, the box helps people quickly look up products.

Efficient site searching equals better usability so that customers can locate things quickly.

That can improve your conversion rates and turn into higher sales Volume.

When consumers can find what they need more accessible, they are more likely to buy your product. Many wordpress themes have search boxes built-in.

The Bottom of my Site is Useless, Think Again

A footer offers endless opportunity. It can say a lot about your website.

It may be the last chance your users get to know you and what services or products you offer.

It can also tell the user how to navigate around your site if they have abandoned your top menu.

sleek yet contemporary footer

The bottom on a modern website design examples.


It is an integral part of today’s modern websites and their crafty design. Pay close attention to it!

Make sure to include design elements, the right blend of information, and usability. You need a footer to get the utmost of the lower space in every web design project.

By now you should understand a little more about the bottom of the site is one of the most significant places on your website.

Yes, seriously. It doesn’t even have a fabulous graphic design or excellent content, so how can this be?

The footer is an area where visitors frequently jump to look for information they need. It is critical that you not neglect this area.

By Following these tips, you can create the perfect footer.

  • Keep the Design Layouts Plain, Straightforward, and Mobile Responsive to all screen sizes
  • Include Your Easy To Find Contact Info
  • Organize the Links
  • Include the Copyright Notice
  • Include a Call to Action; it is your last shot at conversion.
  • Be Aware of Readability and Contrast
  • Maintain the Sites Design Theme, Think Sleek Website Design
  • Think Small (just not too Small)

Keep it clear and concise. Do not jam a ton of links; Google does not like that.

Make sure when people need quick answers, they can find it in the footer.

Button Styles Can Make a Difference

If you’re thinking to yourself, who cares about the buttons on a website, let me answer that for you.

The entire internet, that’s who. It turns out; they are a massive deal for enticing users to interact with your site.

The wording, style, and colors on your CTA images are your most significant chance to communicate with your users. Clear, concise buttons encourage engagement and clarify your intent.  In other words, never overlook this detail.

The text should be short, on point, and actionable. Tell the visitor what to do. Words like, “Proceed to Checkout,” “Shop New Releases Now” and “Add to Cart,” are standard buttons.

Each one delivers a clear message to the user about what happens when they click.

Such catchy buttons are essential to consider when updating or designing a site. The four primary factors that define are;

  • Size
  • Color
  • Clickability
  • Content
  • Responsive on all devices

To see just how important each detail is surrounding a  button, go to any site be nosy.

Are the four elements mentioned above transparent and click-worthy? Ahhh, now you get it.

Use Imagery To Create Design Inspiration

The sky is the limit when it comes to amazing images. Forget stock images, if it all possible invest in custom quality imagery.

The right image can take a good design and make it a fantastic design. Also, the right image can be the key to that itching in your brain that is saying; something is missing.

Did you find this cover image interesting, unique?

feature web

But, it can’t be just any image it must be the perfect image.

Well, if you are a sound designer it does. The truth is, you can read, think about, or hear anything at all; any object, concept or person– but it’s harder to understand until you’ve seen it.

Visual media, such as video and photography, are the nearest that we can get to experiencing life elsewhere without being there ourselves.

When you add a compelling image to a website, you’re not just inserting pretty pixels. You’re presenting your users a small experience to go along with whatever you’re selling.

Here are just a few reasons why adding images to your web design is crucial:

  • Websites get more views with great images
  • Images bring your service or product to life
  • Images help you appear in Google results
  • Website images fuel social media sharing
  • Photos can win you clicks and trend on social media like Facebook or Twitter

They say every picture tells a story. The same holds true for images on websites. By adding stunning imagery, you are giving life to the words. People love photography, and the more unusual the photo and videos are, the more traffic will arrive at your site.

 That Sophisticated Font May Be Stunning

Web Fonts can make or break your web design. Most designers are cautious about designing a site where the fonts scream hot mess. But, sadly there are those that whose font is so atrocious you can’t even read the text.

Make no mistake about it—the font-faces and typography designers choose has a massive impact on several aspects of a website.

  • Mood
  • Readability
  • Perceived article length
  • User Experience, including Mobile

It is essential that web designers thoroughly understand the clear principles of typography that produce pleasing designs. You must understand these principles to accurately portray the mood and the vision of the website you are designing.

The following are tips to consider for your next modern Website design.

  • Stick to responsive sleek modern fonts, particallrly in logo design
  • Font Selection Gives your Site its Character
  • Accurate Alignment and Arrangement
  • Make Sure Your Font Choice Directs Structure and Flow
  • Know When to Increase the Size of the Font
  • Get Creative, but stick to good fonts for design

With today’s trend of larger fonts and more whitespace designers have an open canvas. Get to know your client’s business well and add that personality to each page.

Hopefully, you Found Modern Website Design Inspiration

We hope this article offered plenty of usable knowledge. How about you, how’s Your Website Design Working for You? It is easier to design a functional and beautiful website if a designer uses these elements.

Have you got a web design that needs optimizing or reviewing? Or maybe you are considering a site, and you want to get the design perfect from the ground up. Either way, our team at Dallas Website Design agency are the pros when it comes to the principles of clean website design.

Let our team help your site be more useful, engaging, and memorable for your visitors.

Are you struggling to envision a clean beautiful website that you will love? Ready to upgrade that flat design?

We are a full-service design and digital marketing company that offer high-quality professional assistance.

What are other design aspects to incorporate into your website? What are your web design inspirations? Do you think video backgrounds should have been on the list?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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