Are you finding it hard to be productive at times?

Don’t worry, because you are not the only one.

A lot of us struggle with this problem every day. So many people have more than one gadget on their hands that it sometimes becomes ironic that people seem busy.

Let’s face it, in a day we always have a task that needs to be done, and yet we are continually pestered by the bothersome feeling of forgetting to accomplish a task. Managing a busy life is difficult, isn’t it?

Time in a single day is precious because we only have 24 hours. So knowing that you are a forgetful person, how do you make use of your time? How do you finish at the end of the day feeling accomplished? Time Management is the key to be productive.



Make a to-do list every day to Increase Work Productivity

All successful and productive people do this all the time because it is critical. If you are not the type of person who likes to make to-do lists to plan out your day, you’ll quickly realize how important these simple little notes are, if you make a habit of keeping at least one with you every day. This post was written with the help of our logo designer, who swears by many of the tips.

Here is a useful management technique to improve productivity

  1. ALWAYS put your most important task on top of your list first – critical tasks can either make or break your job. All of these should be prioritized, which is why it should always be on top of your list.

Aside from that, it also helps to arrange your tasks according to the difficulty level. Using this tip will help you manage your time more efficiently.

  1. Don’t rush yourself – We cannot stress this enough. When you are working on a task, you do not need to rush yourself. Take as much time with it as you need to ensure that you get the quality perfect.

If you are working for a company, quality is always better than speed. Speed can continually be improved, but quality cannot be changed if the client you are working with does not like it.

Once you are done, you can cross them off as you complete it. Doing so will help keep you motivated and more eager to finish the rest of your errands you have on your list.

  1. Highlight your list – It also helps to write everything down and highlight your list with different colored markers to indicate which are the critical ones, to the least important ones. This will help you decide which task to finish first and at specific time frames.
good time management skills

Put up the phone for good time management skills.

Find what time you are most productive

Every person has his or her own time of productivity. You can either be the early bird or the night owl. If you find that you do better in the morning, make sure that you start waking up early. Or, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to wake up so early in the morning, you can adjust your time and work in the evening. All in all, your productivity will depend on your time management. Try these tips:


  1. Set a proper time to work – Everything gets better with time management. If you are a night owl, it would be better to start at an early hour in the evening, so that you do not have to sleep so late.


If you are an early bird, it would be better to set your bedtime early in the evening so that you can wake up early to work. Either way, planning out what to do when you wake up, and what time you should start work, will weigh heavily on your productivity.


You can use software like time doctor to track your progress while you work.

  1. Take breaks in between – taking breaks in between your work are okay. Just make sure that you do not over do it. Too many breaks can interrupt your train of thought, and no break can burn you out. Find a proper balance and stick to it. That way, you get your work done quickly and with excellent quality.

Maybe the most famous Time Management Tip, Don’t be afraid to say “NO.”

The average working person can get distracted more than once in a day. It can either be brought by other people, social media, or because they procrastinate a lot. If someone in the office or one of your family members asks you to do something for them, you should remember that you are allowed to say no.

This sort of thing can be tough to deal with, especially if you like to please other people. But, if you think that completing a simple favor can take up too much of your time, especially if you know that you have a task to finish, It would be better to say no. You’ll be much better off if you acquire the power to say no to other people.

time management tips

Stay organized

Have you ever noticed how un-productive you could get when your workspace is too flooded with untidiness? Studies have shown that the more clutter you have, the more that it can affect your mind’s ability to think clearly. Aside from that, it can even change your mood towards other people.


If you are working in a messy, disorganized environment, it is secure to say that your mind will also feel cluttered and disorderly. Setting easy and straightforward structural systems into place can help you change the way you work and how productive you are in a day.


Stay on top of things by cleaning your clutter, adding some filing systems to your workplace, and try to be organized with every activity that you do. Practice this as much as you can even outside your workspace so that you do develop the habit quickly. Plus, it will save you a lot of time and most especially your sanity.


You can even try using software or email applications that can help you track your progress like Gmail or Google Drive. These online applications have schedule settings that help you track all of your progress. You can try using this to schedule your tasks for the day so that you can stay on top of them.

increase efficiency at work

Don’t multitask unless you have to


Trying to avoid multitasking at work can be a real struggle for a lot of people. Working on two tasks at once – What’s so wrong about that? It can save you a lot of time, right? Nope! You are wrong.

You might be asking yourself why? It’s because multitasking can stress your brain too much and affect your productivity. While you may think that multitasking can help you finish a lot of tasks, multitasking at work will just lower the quality of the work that you deliver.

So, unless you are told to do otherwise, and the situation calls for it, DO NOT multitask. These usually mean watching TV while you are working, folding laundry while you are washing the dishes, and instances that seem impossible for you to multitask. Do things one at a time.

Remember to set proper goals

When you are working on something important, and you are trying to be productive, you always have to have goals. If you don’t have any, then you should probably consider making some.

Goals help you reach the bigger picture. They also make work life more fulfilling and exciting, especially if these are for long-term or particularly hard to reach quickly. If you want to improve your productivity every day, always ensure that you have them written in a small notebook.

Or you can keep them in mind. Just make sure that you also have a separate list to make sure that you are doing something every single day to reach your long-term goal or at least move you closer to achieving them so that you do not end up wasting too much of your time.

Eliminate tasks that are not important

to do list

Set proper tasks from priority to least

This isn’t very hard to understand, but it is the number one cause of un-productivity that is often overlooked by a lot of people. Do you need to spend hours on your Facebook or Instagram account?

Unless you are using these platforms for work, which requires you to stay glued to your Facebook account or your employer’s Facebook account, try to avoid going online.

There is a proper time of day wherein you are allowed to browse through Facebook. These time frames usually include lunch hours, or on your quick five-minute breaks from work. Anything in between those hours will cause you to lose a lot of precious time.

Take note. When you are writing down your daily to-do lists, make sure that you only jot down those tasks that require your immediate attention. You can also add those that are important, but can wait. Ensure that you stick to your list.

This simple little tip will not only help you save an enormous amount of time and energy, but it will also help you accomplish more and assist you with your productivity.

Try not to get overwhelmed with stress 

One of the hardest obstacles that one can face is stress. When we are working, and we are under a lot of pressure, sometimes it can become tough to stay focused on a single task. Stress causes a person to become tired, lazy, moody, and all other kinds of emotions that can be a hinder to office productivity.

dealing with stress

When you start to feel stress, make sure that you try not to get overwhelmed because it can affect your progress even more. Instead, you can either take a break for a few minutes, take the time to let your brain reboot, and rehydrate yourself.

Pressure can also contribute to stress..

Always take time in a day to relax a little bit, and regain your composure when you are going through stress. The more relaxed you are, the better the chances that you recover your productivity for the day.

Print up these 8 Productivity Tips Now

There are a lot of things that can contribute to a productive day. There are also certain things that you will need to do to become productive like set goals, come up with to do lists, and create an organized environment for your workspace.

There are also some things that you should avoid to ensure that you STAY productive like multitasking, procrastinating, avoiding your goals, becoming lazy, etc.

The trick to becoming productive is also working with yourself to ensure that you get all of your work done for the day. Take note, the most successful people in the world know how to distribute their tasks to different people. Trying to do it all and claiming complete control over everything will only be a recipe for disaster.

Not everyone is perfect, so only work with goals that work for you. Identify which tasks are essential from the non-important ones. These things will help you maximize your productivity, thus making you feel better about yourself after.

The bottom line is fixing the way you handle your tasks every day. As soon as you develop the habit of writing down everything you need to do ahead of time, it will help you drastically on your path to success.

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