The most valuable parts of any device is the data it holds.

Data can be lost forever.

Regardless if your business is small or large, the risk of having your data compromised can happen anytime.

It will only take having lost all your relevant data once for you to grasp the importance of data backup.

Every company has vital information that if lost could shut them down for a while. Investing in a secure backup storage device or service is critical. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of small business data backup.

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Now is the time to consider offsite server backup solutions for your small business.

Backing up Your Data Provides Peace of Mind

Can you imagine going to work in the morning only to find out that your computer or server has been wiped clean? Losing your data is a massive headache.

So if this were to happen to you, how are you going to fix the problem? If your answer is “I have no idea, “ then investing in restoring your data is a must.

First, you need to educate yourself on backup solutions for business owners. Having some insight and knowing there are answers can give you peace of mind. Backup memory will provide you with confidence despite the occurrence of uncontrollable disasters.

With a reliable backup device or cloud storage backup solutions for small business, you would not have to worry about these problems anymore.

“Not only does your data become vulnerable to all kinds of accidents, but more importantly, viral attacks, malfunctions, and power surges can also be a culprit.”

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Protect the Data of Your Customers

We already know that backing up your business files is one thing. However, keeping all your client’s files safe is another. While the life of your company depends on all the data that you save on your computer. Your customer’s information is another piece of valuable information that you also need to protect.

Recovering your customer’s information should be possible in case of a data failure. Like big companies, small businesses should consider backing up essential data. A business that does not take the time to protect and secure its assets, the lifeline of any business, is doomed to fail.

Aside from the possibility of losing the trust of your clients, your credibility is also in danger.

room of servers for protection of data

Have your Data Restored in a Matter of Minutes

Aside from taking care of your computer’s files and backing them up into a proper device, you must also take note of the passwords and the strength of your encryption when you back up your data.

Not only does your data become vulnerable to all kinds of accidents, but more importantly, virus attacks, malfunctions, and power surges can also be a culprit. The whole point of backing up your data is to be able to access it quickly.

So, you need to prepare for all these kinds of scenarios. Having a backup drive that is fast, durable, and has enough space should ideally be simple to access. And, it is simple to plug into your computer when these situations happen.

You will see that investing just a little bit of money, even if you are starting,

External Backup Drive

Another possible scenario that you can encounter is not being able to access your hard drive without the proper operating system. Some are only compatible with windows, and some are just compatible with Mac operating systems.

If you would like to know how to reformat your drive, here is a comprehensive guide to doing such:

Windows computer:

  • Step # 1 – Connect your hard disk – Depending on your desktop, you will find a USB port in the back and front of your computer. Connect your device to either of the USB ports and wait for it to load.
  • Step #2 – Go to the Disk Management tool – Once you installed your drive it is now accessible. Go to disk management tool by either typing in the search “disk format” or “disk management.” Alternatively, you can go to it manually by going to the control panel > administrative tools > create and format hard disk partitions.
  • Step #3 – Right click on the drive’s partition – You can also select the unallocated space that you want to format and choose “new simple volume.”
  • Step #4 – Follow the setup wizard – After you have selected new simple volume, a pop-up wizard should appear on your screen. Follow the instructions and choose a volume size.
  • Step #5 – Select a Drive letter – During the process of allocating space for your external hard drive, make sure that you choose a drive letter so that it is easy for you to decipher your hard disk.
  • Step #6 – Choose exFAT as the file system – When you have executed everything, it is essential that you opt to format your hard drive in exFAT format. The exFAT format will allow you to use your hard disk for both OS X and Windows. If you choose NTFS, this will only be readable for Windows.
  • Step #7 – Choose a name – It would be advisable to call your device something that will be easy for you to find out. You can go with – (name of business) Backup Disc.
  • Step #8 – Complete the setup wizard – For the final step, click Finish to end the installation wizard.

backing up computer to cloud for security


  • Step #1 – Connect your hard drive – The USB port is on the left side of your Mac laptop. If you are using a Mac Desktop, the USB ports are underneath or at the back of your computer.
  • Step #2 – Go to disk utility – Click on the search icon on the upper right side of your pc and find Disk Utility. Another option can be to hit Command + Spacebar to open up the search.
  • Step #3 – Select your hard drive – Once you have your utility opened up, select your hard disk on the right side of your screen.
  • Step #4 – Clean up your hard drive – In the middle part of your utility screen, click on the “erase” icon to wipe your hard disk completely. Make sure that you give your device a name.
  • Step #5 – Partition – With your hard disk selected on the right part of your screen, click on the partition and key in the amount of space that you want for your backup data choose then apply.
  • Step #6 – partition to exFAT – Once you have given it a name, you will notice a drop-down menu with a series of format options. Click on exFAT so that your hard drive can be readable for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Then click erase to finish

    Online Data Backup, or Cloud Storage Backup Options

    cloud backup and restore options with recovery

    Using an online backup service to store your data is disaster recovery prevention.

A physical backup drive is okay, but the risk of losing or having your data tampered with is still high. In this case, using online business data backup is favorable. As mentioned, some companies prefer to back up their data to an online storage. Keeping files on backup cloud storage services allows business owners to access it without location or time restrictions.

These data solutions are also cheap and can spare you all of the substantial costs that are associated with IT resources like protection and others. An unlimited amount of data copies can be kept safe in several locations. It ensures you that all of your company information is safe in case of an unfortunate accident.

On the other hand, relying on traditional methods to store your data and to put it in only one file location, puts yourself at more risk of being unable to restore it.

Another advantage of online, offsite backup is the fact that you can set up your system. It allows you to use the resource availability efficiently.

A lot of small businesses are prone to data theft just as much as well established ones. Always make sure that you take precautionary measures in keeping your information safe.

business computer backup systems

Bottom line, Invest in a backup solution for your small business

As your business starts to expand, so will the amount of data you add to your system. Adding more data only increases the possibility of you losing it eventually.

For all businesses, the information that you keep can be the key to your success. That is why it is essential to keep it safe and protected at all times. It is highly recommended that you invest in an online secure data backup service.

There are companies out there that offer cheap online backup services for small businesses. Such services are available to fit your budget like Carbonite. You can select from Core, which comes with 250 GB of storage, Power that has 500 GB of storage and Ultimate that includes 500 GB. These products protect your virtual and physical servers. Additionally, it also comes with bare metal and image recovery, to name a few.

Carbonite’s online backup can also support any number of devices, and also has a backup space of 100 GB of increments for only $99.99/year.

SOS business is another online backup service that can also fit your budget. The company is famous for its consumer-grade backup plans, and so far they have been getting much attention.

They currently have seven plans that you can choose from and would usually be priced around $50.00/month or $158.33/month if you decide to prepay for a year of online backup service.

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Always secure your information from hackers.

How Secure is Your Companies Number One Asset?

These are just a few choices that you can select from. Moreover, as you can see, they are affordable as well. With the cost being affordable it would be beneficial for your business for you to invest in a backup plan. We hope you have a better understanding of how essential business data backup plans are to every company.

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Don’t wait too long before you put a backup plan in place.

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