Designing your website when you were first starting out online was hard enough.

You had to make it look good. It had to be appealing to your audience. Most importantly, it had to be able to say everything you needed it to say without being entirely overwhelming for your target market.

But business has not been as good lately….

So maybe it is time for a facelift. Perhaps it is time for a website redesign.

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Does Your Website Need a Facelift?

The world keeps evolving and keeping on top of the latest trends is hard.

There are things you need to know before you redesign your website, especially since the website redesign process usually takes a few weeks to accomplish fully. 

However, before we get into all of that let’s bring it back to the basics. The basics are going to help your site revamping process become faster and easier.

Set Goals For Your Website Planning Process

Any good business person, such as yourself, has goals. Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, etc.

Setting goals are what makes businesses successful.

It is what will make your redesign a colossal success.

Redesigning your website is going to take time, and without goals, you may never entirely redesign your website. Which can ultimately lead to reduced business, leading to fewer customers, less leads, less of everything?

Start with a series of deadlines, or what I like to call, goals. 

Make sure you hit each mark! By beating each target, you will end up having a snowball effect of success, ultimately helping grow your business even more.

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Setting goals are the first secret you need to know before you redesign your website. It may not sound like a secret, nor even look like one… But trust that it is. Without your deadlines/goals, the rest of the tips we have for you are not going to be able to help you indeed.

These six tips work together in perfect balance to make your website redesign the most successful it can be.

Moving forward, do you know your audience? Do you know who you are selling to? Do you know who keeps looking at your website and what they are looking at?

You are going to need to know that before you start a website redesign plan.

Consider your audience before a redesign of your website

website redesign process

How to redesign your website?

Are they older?

Are they younger?

Are they male, female, interested in your products or do they just like flipping through?

As a successful business owner, you should already know your demographic. However, in case you do not, I strongly recommend that you do learn who they are.

Many other blogs such as Forbes (the most popular blog related to business) that the key to a successful redesign is through knowing your target market.

Not to mention, long-term successful online businesses stem from knowing who is on the other side of the screen.

If your audience is highly demanding, you are going to need to have a faster website planning process. Or you are going to need to do it in small parts. For example, you should focus on the pages that don’t get the most attention first because they will be able to be redesigned quickly and discretely.

Set aside some time to track down who is paying attention to your business. It will help your redesign run smoother and quicker.

Any down time is you not making money, right? So it is best to get everything sorted before you begin tweaking your website.

What is Your Weakness?

Many Taoist firmly believe that knowing your weakness and recognizing it will make you a stronger person.

And your business is an extension of you right?

reasons to revamp your website

Right before rebuilding your website is a perfect time to find all the weak links and cracks in your plans. To find out what has been slipping through your fingers instead of going into your well deserving pocket.

Is it that traffic isn’t being directed to your website correctly? Is it that you have been focusing on the wrong target audience? If you are unsure of what the cracks are, ask a couple of professionals what their opinion is.

There are plenty of online marketers that offer a free first call where they will provide you with the weak links in your business. And that first call may be all you need.

Keep Your Best Performing Pages and Content

business website redesign

Plan your business website redesign

The redesign does not mean scrap everything you have on your page and build a new page.

Redesigning your website usually just means modifying it slightly. Upgrading it if you will.

That means it is imperative to keep what is showing up to be your best performers. That means if your home page has been kicking butt this past month, you should probably keep that but just change up the copy a bit.

Or maybe you should just keep the color scheme and change out the photos and ads. Or only modify the color scheme and keep the copy.

There are so many things you can do with a redesign. Don’t think that it is just one thing in particular, and don’t believe that it has to be a drastic change up.

There are plenty of websites that have redesigns that go entirely unnoticed.

Stick to Your Business Plan

Don’t have one? Get one.

As a business owner, you should know by now that you need a business plan.

You need to have some prize off on the horizon. Something to shoot for.

If you do not stick to your plan, then where is your path to success?

A business plan will allow you to see how far you have come in how much time and how much money you have spent throughout that amount of time. It is a whole lot of how but all the ‘how’s’ have an answer that is hopefully not that much.

The answer, however, can be too much.

Too much means that you are going to have to act fast. Or, option number two, right now is not the best time within your plan to have a redesign.

This is a must know out of the six things you need to know before you upgrade your website. Out of all of these six things, you really should know this one before redesigning your website.

Always stick to your business plan. Don’t be afraid to adjust tiny details of your project, but the big picture business plan you should not waver.

Are You Cost & Time Efficient With Your Website Revamp?

As you can tell so far, money and time is everything.

Being efficient is also everything.

Efficiency can save you a lot of money, and make you a lot more. Which then allows you to have a bigger budget for your redesign.

Like being able to hire a professional for example to assist you in your redesign needs.

If you cannot immediately answer yes to the question above, “are you being cost and time efficient?” then the answer is probably no, or not enough. There is always room for improvement. Maybe this just happens to be your only weakness. If that is the case, then fantastic!

You are right on track.

By the end of this article, you will be ahead of all your competitors in more ways than you could imagine, to begin with.

Keeping up with the times, trends, and latest news in the business market is demanding. Redesigning your website can be the best thing you do for your site.

It will give you a leg up on your competitors, attract new audiences, build your business out to be stronger than everything before.

If you are just now considering a website redesign, I hope you take into consideration the six tips you have just read.

Don’t just stop at these six tips, feel free to continue researching how to improve your website. There are plenty more articles you can read up on our blog.

Don’t want to do any of the work?

Think that six things you need to know before you redesign your website has made you decide you want a professional?

At Dallas Web Design we offer a multitude of services geared towards redesigning your website.

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