Creating a website is like building a house.

First, you have to buy the plot of land like purchasing the domain from a domain registrar. Then you have to hire the contractors to build the house, much like finding the right web building platform.

Of all the web building platforms out there, WordPress and Weebly sites are two of the most popular website builders.

However, which one is better for your site?


Weebly requires no coding skills to use, which is fantastic if you are new to website design.

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It offers drag-and-drop website builders in addition to a whole slew of templates to use. Best of all, Weebly will host your site itself, so there’s no fuss with having to find another web hoster for your site.

Weebly offers an excellent blogging engine in addition to an eCommerce design solution, user membership support, and social media widgets. All of which can be scaled to some degree.

With that, Weebly lets you create impressive portfolios to showcase all your fresh designs, and have a blog set up to talk about your process, recent events you did and other blog-related things. As a designer, this might be appealing to you.

When it comes to ease of use and creating beautiful websites, Weebly cannot be beaten. However, how does it compare to WordPress?


WordPress is simple to figure out. However, it takes a while to get a handle on all the advanced features it offers.

Such as an e-commerce store (online store), drag and drop, custom domain names, almost limitless WordPress themes with mobile-friendly designs.

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WordPress websites offer countless plugins, extensions, themes, and the ability to code each of these to your liking. While this is well and good, you will kind of have to sift through all the plugins to find the best one, just like as you would in a smartphone app store.

With WordPress e-commerce solutions you will have to find a web host

It is not something you will need a computer science degree to do, but there is a learning curve that not everyone will want to put effort into learning.

The same goes for plugins and themes. Don’t get us wrong; some are incredibly easy to implement. But when you add more and more plugins, getting them all to work harmoniously will be more difficult.

Customer Service:

WordPress – You will lots of find many YouTube channels, forums, and websites specifically designed to help you figure out WordPress. In addition to that, WordPress has its own support page, and the web host you use should also be able to help. Thus, you have at least two powerhouses (the WordPress support page and web hosting support page) that will have in-depth knowledge of WordPress to help you out in any situation.

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As Weebly hosts their own websites and is not as well-known as WordPress, there are fewer avenues of help.

However, the help Weebly does have is still extensive. They have free email and phone support, also, to live chat. If that even doesn’t help you, Weebly’s site planner lets you set up goals and offers a to-do list that guides you through all those steps. Weebly gets to the nitty-gritty of building your website, whereas WordPress is more free-range.

Pricing: Weebly Versus WordPress

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Weebly: Every perk of having a Weebly website is wrapped up into a neat $8–$38/mo package. That gets you the domain, site, hosting and all the features Weebly offers. This is pretty good, all things considered.

WordPress: Will most likely be cheaper. A proper .com domain costs about $10 with some domains going as cheap as $1—and that is billed annually!

Web hosts, such as Siteground, cost as little as $4/mo and go up to $11/mo. HostGator’s max pricing option is $5/mo. Moreover, since WordPress is a free program once you get the web host, that is all you are going to have to pay (unless you want premium themes, but those are not necessary).

Therefore, there’s a lot of variability in comparing cost. However, at the very least Weebly will cost you $96 a year ($8 x 12) while a $1 domain on WordPress hosting by a cheap web hosting site can cost about $37 ($4 x 12 for the web hosting plus $1 for the domain). Again, this is a lot of variabilities, but it appears that WordPress can get you the cheapest option.

Brand Recognition

Weebly does not have as much name recognition as WordPress. You will be taken more seriously if you are website totes WordPress instead of Weebly since WordPress is so standard.

(Fun fact: 25% of Internet sites are run on WordPress!)

However, the recognizability of WordPress could be its downfall, especially when the most common themes are used.

In Conclusion, Weebly vs. WordPress

So if you were to put Weebly and WordPress in a fighting ring (gladiator style), which would win certain areas?

User interface/Ease of Use: Weebly.

Designability: Tie (Depending on how much work you want to put it)

Customer Service: Tie

Price: WordPress

In the end, there’s a reason why WordPress is the #1 web builder in the land. It offers users the best website building ability at an incredibly low price. While it takes a while to learn how to design your website and get the most features out of it, once you get the hang of it everything will be a breeze.

Weebly, on the other hand, offers you already put together beautiful websites that you can create in five minutes, but their options are limited. Also, it is about three times as expensive as a cheaply made WordPress site.

WordPress offers many more features that can make your website a multi-faceted powerhouse.

In the end, we would urge you to use a local DFW WordPress design company for your newest website.

We hope this article helped!

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